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What is Web 2.0? [VIDEO]

Furthering our discussion on Web 2.0, this short video helps explain a little more as to what the buzz-word is all about.

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Some of this may seem abstract, and the end of the video relates more to software and application developers, but the basic concept is good, and this video gives you a good idea on how the Web has changed and what is the future of the Internet.

If Web 2.0 is engaging users (people), then it should not take too much of a semantic leap to make the connection to our profession. The bar has been raised as to the type of content the user wants to see. It won’t be sufficient any longer for you to post a static, boring listing. Users will want the ability to interact with your content – comment on your listings, post reviews of your services, pose questions on your forum, upload pictures of their neighbourhoods, or provide other users with objective advice on your content and your professional services.

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