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This House Rocks!

Pardon the Pun:

Maison Dans Les Roches - 1


This is not a digital manipulation. It is an actual house in France called Maison dans les Roches (House Between the Rocks) de Plougrescant. I believe it is located in the Brittany region. Beyond that I wasn’t able to dig up a lot of information on it. Pretty fascinating, though.

Tim Ayres

  • adrian thompson

    You have picked probabaly my favorate place on earth I was busy trying to find property sales on the web and stumbled upon this site. I try to visit this area of Brittany at least once a year usually stay in a gite near Paimpol but visit this crazy bit of the coast at least 2 or 3 times in a week, the huge rock formations are all along the coast and my lad when he was younger enjoyed nothing better than scaling the heights (okay until the tide came in ?) next to this house the caretaker lives in a similar property where can be purchased coffee, sweets etc ideal just to sit and watch the world go by. If you ever visit europe I would recommend a week or two on the Cotes D’armour in Brittany Food is Great, Wine is Cold and the whole area breathtakingly beautiful.

  • mando

    good to know this is a real house. ever since i saw this house in a national geographic magazine, i believe. it just stayed in my mind. i wish i could live in this house, and just escape from the world.