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Horrible MLS Photo Of The Day #5

March 7th, 2008

Bad MLS Photo of the Day - March 7, 2008

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A not-particularly-good photo of a kitchen is made even worse by shooting with the pendant lights in the frame. This will fool many cameras into under-exposing the shot, leading to a dark photo, and burned-in areas in the frame.

See all the usual suspects here.

Tim Ayres

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  • Oh I love it. Is that home in area 51?

  • invictus

    I imagine lighting must be absolutely the toughest problem for shooting most homes. Do you bring any special lighting equipment with you when you shoot?

  • I like natural light. So I shoot all my photos without flash. But an off-camera flash bounced at the right angle can also create nice lighting. I touch up the levels and contrast on most photos in Photoshop to get a nice, bright, crisp image.