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Warning About a Creep in Sooke, Victoria, Colwood!

From an e-mail I received moments ago:

Just to let you gals know that there is a guy with a ORANGE TRUCK WITH BROWN CANOPY creeping around Sooke , Victoria and Colwood…He has a matress in the bed of his truck!  He usually hangs outside womens fitness places and then follows them. He has followed women running and walking down the street as well. He followed [name redacted] and I into [a] cafe today after our workout and apparently sat and watched us eat… We didnt know that until we left and the manager of [name redacted] told us.. Creeepy! She got photos of his truck and the licence plate to let the police know what he has been up to around Sooke. Apparently he is ” a person of interest ” to the police….so keep your eyes open and if you see him, you are supposed to call 911.

Be alert, people. If you have any information you’d like people to know, send it to me.

Tim Ayres

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  • Sharon.Wutzke

    I would like to thank you very much for this information!! I walk my dog 4 or 5 times a day, so I will be on the watch for this creep and will have cell phone in hand…Please watch out for this creep everyone… Thank you again..Sharon.Wutzke

  • Thanks for the feedback, Sharon – I heard about this and it freaked me out. My fiancee goes to one of the gyms this jerk has been spotted outside. It’s never a bad thing to be too careful about this. Hope you’ll visit the blog often. Cheers, Tim

  • 642!

    hey is there away you can put some photos of his truck and stuff on there ? thanks

  • Thanks for your comment – if I get any pictures I will certainly post them. Anyone reading this that has pictures, please send them to me at

  • Becky

    Whould it be safe for two ten and eleven year old girls to go into Sooke without a adult with this guy creeping around?

  • Becky

    Me and a friend of mine went into Sooke on the 26th and he wasn’t there. Me and my friend thought maybe he went to Victoria, then Langford, then Sooke, then Sooke, then Langford, then Victoria ect. ect. Luckly we didn’t come on his day in Sooke. What do you think of this?

  • Hi again Becky,

    Perhaps this weirdo has been scared off by all the media attention and won’t return. We should all be vigilant, because you never know when another questionable character will come around.

  • Becky

    Thank you very much. Me and my friend are going into Sooke again today and I will tell u if I see him or not.

  • geoff

    wow. this sounds like someone is out to get someone.

  • geoff

    better get your facts straight before you post stuff like this. You may be in for a civil suit. this is a hoax, nothing more than someone trying to defame a person. If i were in charge of this web site, i would be concerned about a law suit.

  • @Geoff, thanks for the comment. I’m not sure how I could be sued for posting something that’s clearly a public safety issue. It’s also hard to defame somebody without knowing their name. This has been in the news (CFAX 1070 and newspapers), and people I know personally have seen him.

    Thanks to all commenters that have posted regarding this issue. It’s what this blog is all about.


  • Nicole

    Hi there,

    I see that his is a very old post, but I was one of 17!!! Women that pressed charges of harrasment on this guy. He followede me from my bus stop in Sooke to my work on Dunford in Langford. Passing me and turning his truck around the whole time. This guy has a NEW TRUCK now. It is Blue and Silver extended cab. I have informed the police of this and the have advised me to let as many people know as I can. He lives in Sooke so keep your eye out. You will know who he is, the hair will stand up on the back of your neck hes such a creeper. Please be carefull while walking by yourself this guy is not to be trusted.