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Warning About a Creep in Sooke, Victoria, Colwood!

From an e-mail I received moments ago:

Just to let you gals know that there is a guy with a ORANGE TRUCK WITH BROWN CANOPY creeping around Sooke , Victoria and Colwood…He has a matress in the bed of his truck!  He usually hangs outside womens fitness places and then follows them. He has followed women running and walking down the street as well. He followed [name redacted] and I into [a] cafe today after our workout and apparently sat and watched us eat… We didnt know that until we left and the manager of [name redacted] told us.. Creeepy! She got photos of his truck and the licence plate to let the police know what he has been up to around Sooke. Apparently he is ” a person of interest ” to the police….so keep your eyes open and if you see him, you are supposed to call 911.

Be alert, people. If you have any information you’d like people to know, send it to me.

Tim Ayres

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