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What Are Sooke Residents Doing In Response To High Gas Prices? [Video]

What Are Sooke Residents Doing In Response To High Gas Prices? from Tim Ayres – REALTOR® on Vimeo.

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For many residents of Sooke, our decision to locate here was based on lower housing costs. This of course comes as a trade-off with a longer commute to work in Victoria or on the base at Esquimalt. With the price of gas at an all time high, I wonder if that’s changing our behaviour. As I’ve said before, saving tens of thousands of dollars on housing compared to Langford or Victoria, the decision to move to Sooke still buys a lot of gas, even at today’s prices.

Creative Commons License photo credit: ame nielsen

Tim Ayres

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  • JMo

    In response to the rising gas prices I originally bought a commuter car. Although my car is pretty good on gas I have been thinking more about public transit, doing the park and ride thing. Or even biking to the bus stop and hitching a ride (on the bus of course) from there…

  • Bus service in Sooke is pretty good, especially for a small town. It’s certainly a good option and really doesn’t take all that much longer than driving to get to town.

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