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Sooke House Insurance Higher Because Of Wind and Snow!?

This via Twitter and the Kids In Victoria Forums.

Everyone needs house insurance whether you own or rent. Typically, when you move, you notify your current insurer of the move and they will ask you questions about the house – age, size, heat source, etc. Your real estate professional can also send over a spec sheet to the insurance agent. The insurance broker will give you a quote and all goes well. Usually.

All locked up - Good insurance!

All locked up - Good insurance!

A new Sooke Resident posted a case that her current insurer (whom she’s been with for many years) tried to tell her that when she moves to Sooke from Colwood later this month that the cost of her insurance policy will nearly double. When asked why, she was told “Sooke gets more wind and snow than Victoria.”

Sooke-ites, wipe off the coffee you just sprayed all over your screen and regain composure. Of course we know it’s not true. This winter, I think Langford and Colwood got way more snow than us, and even in the winter of ’06-’07 with all the wind storms, I don’t recall Sooke having a worse time than any other coastal community.

I and many other KIV-ers suggested that she phone around or visit some local Sooke insurance brokers and get a better quote. If anything, I’d suppose that insurance in Sooke would be less due to lower house prices and little crime.

What do you think? Anyone experience anything similar? Post in the comments below.

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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