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UPDATED FEB 3 2009 – Lindsay Buziak Murder – 1 Year Later and Still No Arrest

Lindsay Buziak

Lindsay Buziak was killed one year ago today.


A year ago tomorrow I wrote this post, which still stands as the most-viewed page on my blog. It was one year ago today that 24-year-old real estate agent Lindsay Buziak was murdered in a Gordon Head home she was showing in Saanich. The murder sent shockwaves through our relatively tight-knit real estate community, prompting calls for increased vigilance for agents when working with unknown buyers.

In fact, just a couple of days ago, I got an e-mail from the office detailing another agent’s account of a strange buyer that made him nervous. The whole thing felt uneasy from the beginning, and this agent did everything right. He had another agent call him three times during the showing, which made the “buyer” uneasy. The suspicious person kept trying to get the agent to lead, but the REALTOR® wouldn’t let the buyer get behind him. When they went to enter the house, the agent unlocked and opened the door to the vacant house, and quickly got out of the way to let the client enter first. The “client” then suddenly decided that he didn’t want to see the house after all, when the agent wouldn’t lead him into the house.

It’s a year to the day that the crime took place, and police are still actively investigating the file. According to the Times Colonist article published today, they’ve conducted nearly 1500 interviews, chased down over 750 tips, and executed some 30 search warrants looking for evidence.

Not surprisingly, when police don’t have an answer, the rumour mill takes over and doles out theories. There have been rumours of drug involvement, which the family has been quick to put down. There have been other theories about the Saanich Police Department being stalled by another police force, investigating a case connected to the murder. Saanich Police have theories about why she was murdered, but at this point won’t share them with the public.

The point is, somebody, somewhere knows what happened and isn’t talking. Lindsay’s family says they aren’t blaming the police, and that they realize an investigation like this is measured in years rather than weeks or months. Saanich Police need your help. If you know anything, or know of anyone who does, have them call the Saanich Police Department tip line at 250-475-4313, or Victoria Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or

What are your thoughts on the case?

UPDATE – The Times Colonist has just reported that the Saanich Police Department has released a composite sketch of a possible suspect in the case. Details are still slim, but this represents the most information the public has seen about the case since it happened.

UPDATE 2: Here is the sketch:

Caucasian Woman, 35 to 45 Years Old, Short Blonde Hair

Caucasian Woman, 35 to 45 Years Old, Short Blonde Hair

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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