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Name The New Roaster at Sooke’s Stick In The Mud Coffee House

Work's Boring... I'm Going To The Stick

Work's Boring... I'm Going To The Stick

If you’ve been by the fabulous Stick in The Mud coffee house in Sooke lately, you’ll notice that owner/operator/coffee nut David has cleared out and opened up a back room. What, besides a random-looking door-like window in the wall, is this all about?

David has ordered himself a state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line, so-awesome-it-deserves-more-hyphens coffee bean roaster from Diedrich Manufacturing in Idaho (not just for potatoes anymore!) He was out to visit Idaho a few weeks ago to see his contraption being constructed. It will be ready to ship in early December and arriving at the shop a few weeks after that. The challenge, says David, will be finding gas fitters to install the beast a few days/weeks before Christmas. So if you know anyone that will be working just before Christmas…

Every good roaster needs a name, and The Stick’s is no exception. So, he’s having a contest to name the roaster. Just go into the shop, write down your name and put it in with the rest. Include your name as well, and a contact method so you can get your reward if you win: the very first coffee beans roasted in Dave’s new machine.

I think this is very exciting, and I’m happy for Dave that he’s ready to take his business to the next level. By importing raw beans and custom-roasting them, Dave will be able to not only cut out the middle man roaster, but will have full quality and creative control over what goes into his customers’ cups. But then, those that are regulars like me would expect nothing less from the pusher in the alley in Sooke.

The Stick In The Mud is located just off West Coast/Sooke Road and Otter Point Road, at 6715 Eustace Road in Sooke.

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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