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Manufactured/Mobile Homes and CSA/Electrical Safety Stickers

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In British Columbia, you cannot legally sell a manufactured/mobile home (sometimes known as a trailer) without either a CSA (Canadian Standards Association) or BC Electrical Safety Authority (BCESA) certification. When a trailer is manufactured in Canada, its manufacturer applies a decal, usually on the exterior near the front door, with its CSA number, and sometimes inside the home in the kitchen or electrical panel. Read on to find out what to watch out for if you’re buying or selling a manufactured home. 

Often, owners will make upgrades or additions to their manufactured homes. It is quite common for owners to re-clad the unit in a different type of siding, for example, or to build a front porch/mudroom over the front door. When this is done, they often inadvertently cover up or destroy the CSA label which can cause serious problems when it comes time to sell.

I recently read a case where a buyer renovated the kitchen of the manufactured home she had bought. When she went to sell it, the REALTOR® advised her that he couldn’t list the property because it did not have a CSA sticker. This lady had unfortunately removed the kitchen cabinets including the CSA sticker.

If you renovate the kitchen, save this label!

Your only option if you do not have a CSA label or sticker on your unit is to have an electrical contractor visit and do a thorough electrical safety survey, which can cost several thousand dollars. A full recertification should probably be done if any electrical work has been done on the unit without a permit or by a non-professional.


  • Name

    is the sticker on the kitchen cubered door legal because iam trying to sell my manufactured home and was told that it was not good enough i need the sticker out side is this true

    • BClawyer

      No it is not true. The Manufactured Home Act specifies that it needs a sticker for it to be listed for sale and sold. It doesn’t matter where that sticker is. It is often on the electrical panel but is sometimes in a cupboard or outside by the front door. If you have had electrical renovations done without a permit, you need to have the thing re-inspected. If you electrical work was done with a permit, your permit number works to satisfy s. 21 of the BC Safety Authority. A silver label will be applied if work was done and recertified.

  • Glen L

    As a Nanaimo Electrician and Certified Electrical contractor, specializing in mobile home recertifications, in the Central Island Region, Nanaimo is our base of operations…

    We have run into this question many times, about the label outside being missing, but the one in the kitchen cabinets still being there.

    When we have approached the BC Safety Authority to determine if the sticker in the kitchen cupboards was enough, we have been told “no” without the sticker or medallion from the outside of the mobile, it was not enough on its own.

    For more information on this subject, do a Google search for Mobile Home Recertification or Silver Label Recertification and you should find some good resources…

    Hope that helps… 🙂

    • harm

      How much does it cost for the whole process, approx?

  • shell

    I found a Westinghouse sticker on my breaker panel with a csa number, is that good enough, this work was done about 5 years ago?

  • Arlene

    Can you tell me any companies in Alberta that will recertify a trailer

  • Robin

    What happens if you purchase a manufactured home directly from the owner and the sticker is missing, but you don’t notice until after the sale is complete?

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