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Hallowe’en 2015 In Sooke

Happy Hallowe'en

Happy Hallowe’en

Happy October, and Happy Hallowe’en! The big night is almost here, and it’s nice that it is on a weekend so we can all enjoy it. I’m not sure the weather is going to cooperate for the little ghouls and ghosts trick-or-treating, but there are still lots of fun family activities going on. Read on… if you dare… 

The best neighbourhoods for trick-or-treating

Sooke has lots of great neighbourhoods, and most folks will go round their immediate area, but for those of us in rural areas with only three or four homes in walking distance of little feet, we often travel to the more suburban areas to let our little monsters loose. There are some amazing Hallowe’en displays on Rhodonite Drive and Tara Place, you should really get down to see them. The older, established neighbourhoods of Broomhill and Whiffen Spit have plenty of families and should also be an ideal spot to view displays and trick-or-treat. However, each year I can’t get over Sunriver Estates – the sheer number of spooky displays and the family friendly atmosphere is hard to beat. Be sure to check out Kerry’s pumpkin lane on Demamiel drive.

I came across a post on Facebook earlier this week suggesting that if you’re driving  your kids to Sunriver or any other neighbourhood, that it would be a nice gesture to bring a bag or two of treats to help resupply the usually overwhelmed candy bowls at these heavily-trafficked areas.

Sooke Safe Hallowe’en

This year’s event is at the Sooke Municipal Hall on Otter Point Road, and will feature bouncy castles, games, food booths, and entertainment. It starts at 5:00 and runs ’til 8:00, with a fireworks display in John Phillips Park (the old golf course) at 8:00. Rumour has it they’re using all the fireworks from the Canada Day celebration which if you recall was cancelled due to dry conditions (no problem with that, currently!).


Hallowe’en in Otter Point

The Otter Point Volunteer Fire Department is once again hosting the community at Camp Barnard (end of Young Lake Road) for hot chocolate and hot dogs at 6:30 and fireworks at 7:30. So if you really, really like fireworks, you could probably attend both displays!


Whatever you and your family get up to this Saturday, I hope it’s a safe and enjoyable night. Post some pictures of your favourite displays and your costumes on my facebook page!