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Disputing Your 2012 BC Assessment Value

It’s the end of the first week of January, and by now you should have received your 2012 BC Assessment notice in the mail, or checked online to see what the provincial assessment authority values your property at. Most people simply open it, read it, and file it away with their other house documents. It makes great water-cooler banter, as colleagues ask “what was yours assessed at?” and “did yours go up or down?” But what if you disagree with your assessment? Read more

The Whiffin Spit Christmas Tree – A West Coast Christmas Tradition

The Whiffin Spit Christmas Tree

When I first came to Sooke to look at the house I eventually bought, I took a walk out Whiffin Spit. I knew nothing about the community that would become my home and my chosen place to start a family. I didn’t even know what Whiffin Spit was, I was just driving around exploring and found this cool seaside park with a light at the end of the path. It was just after Christmas, and as I meandered along the path, in addition to the many friendly people I saw and lots of dogs, there it was, this tree. Read more

24% Buys A Lot Of Gas

Photo Credit: Mutley *--* on Flickr

One of the things that attracts people to Sooke is the price of housing. My clients are always amazed at what they can afford in Sooke compared to Victoria, or even just 20 minutes down the road in Langford. But have you ever wondered just how much cheaper homes are out here? Read more

Bootcamp In Sooke with MIJO Fitness

As some of you know, I’ve been working on losing some weight and getting back into shape. It’s a typical story: boy is single, boy gets in shape. Read more

Three New TV Spots Encourage People To Discover Sooke

If there’s one guy who loves the Sooke region as much as I do, it’s my pal Jason at Discover Sooke. Jason was the first friend I made when I moved to the Island 6 years ago. He and Mrs. Discover Sooke eventually decided to move out here from Langford and haven’t looked back. Read more

[Pics] Prestige Hotel And Convention Centre Sooke Nears Completion


Prestige Sooke Hotel Entrance

The pillars look even larger than from the road

I was invited to take a hard hat tour of the brand new Prestige Oceanfront Resort and Convention Centre on the waterfront in Sooke. Their first Vancouver Island property, Prestige has pulled out all the stops and has created something incredible on our shores.

Everything is going to be top-notch and elegant. The hotel is much closer to the harbour than I had anticipated – the views are simply stunning and most rooms will enjoy a great view of the harbour, basin, East Sooke, Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic Mountains.

Read more

Life in Sooke: Starry Skies

One of the things I love about living in Sooke is the lack of light pollution from a big city. We’re close enough to Victoria, but far enough away that its lights don’t interfere with stargazing. Every August, I sit out in my yard at night and am marveled by the yearly Perseids meteor shower. When I come home on a clear night, I love stepping out of the car and gazing up at the blanket of twinkling stars before opening the front door.

Case in point:

Photo Credit: DiscoverSooke on Flickr

This amazing image was captured last night at Otter Point, just west of Sooke, by my good friend Jason from and Inktvis Creative. In addition to being an awesome guy, Jason is also a new dad (like me next month!) and constant advocate of all that is awesome about our seaside town.

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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Wild Coast Cottages Port Renfrew, West of Sooke

Wild Coast Cottages, Port Renfrew

Today, instead of our usual Sooke REALTOR® tour where we go around to the new listings in Sooke, we had a bus take us out to Port Renfrew for a tour of Three Point Properties‘ new Wild Coast Cottages development. The roughly one hour drive along Highway 14 is entirely different when you’re not driving – lots more time to look around at the absolutely stunning scenery around you: creeks, waterfalls, tall trees, and the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Olympic Mountains in the background. We even saw three black bears along the roadside.

Arriving on site we found a hub of activity – excavators, builders, trucks, and other workers getting the site ready. Title registration for the first purchasers should be coming in the middle of August. There are already two cottages at the site, one of each floor plan that they’re offering at the moment.

Wild Coast Cottages is more that your average cottage country development. With the usually high cost of recreational property, Three Point is trying to do something different – to keep these architecturally designed west-coast style cottages within reach of the average buyer. To do this has taken innovation for sure. Port Renfrew is pretty remote, and only has a population of about 200 residents. There are no hardware stores, building supply outfits, or large construction companies. So, instead of building the cottages on site, they are framed, built and completely finished, right down to the designer paint colours, 70 kilometres away in Sooke, and trucked up to Renfrew on a flatbed. This enables the builder to save on travel costs, and allows some economies of scale to be realized by “mass-producing” these cottages all in one place.

A breezeway connects the bedroom (pictured) with the living space

The current phase has 24 lots out of the 40 planned, and Three Point has more property in the area that they plan to develop similarly. The property is waterfront, and the cottage owners will have access to a boardwalk and a marina.

The cottages are small – around 400 sq ft, one bedroom and one bathroom. Furnished properly, they will easily sleep a family or group of 4. The two designs they had on site were lovely. One features a breezeway type covered deck joining the living space and the sleeping space and bathroom, and the other was a more traditional layout with everything together and a large deck out front. Finishing is impressive with natural-stained cedar, hardi-board type siding, pitched 50-year metal roofs, and high-end long-lasting composite decking material. These solid units are built to last, and built to withstand the bumpy ride from Sooke to Port Renfrew! The builder boasted that not even a crack in the finished drywall was evident after the transport of the finished cottage to the site.

Small, but ample living spaces define the Wild Coast Cottages

Pull out couch, full kitchen and living/dining space

Wild Coast Cottages sits on gorgeous high-bank waterfront

Overall, I was impressed. I was curious about this project since I first heard about it. Starting at $130,000 and ranging to $160,000 I think the price point is right on. There’s no way you could have a cottage built on a lot for that price, and certainly not a fully serviced (underground wiring, city water, common sewage disposal) lot on a waterfront development.

I won’t be surprised when Three Point sells this phase out.

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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Mariner’s Village In Sooke To Include New Medical Centre

Mariner's Village, Sooke, Master Concept

Sooke is quickly becoming one of the province’s fastest growing communities. New neighbourhoods are under construction, new parks and trails being established, and new commercial developments are being undertaken. Perhaps the most exciting of these developments is the Mariner’s Village project. Mariner’s Village is a mixed-use, multi-phase waterfront development which will include condominiums and townhouses, a new marina, restaurants, shops, offices and more.

Much more than just a subdivision, Mariner’s Village is the first step in the re-imagining of downtown Sooke. The town’s official community plan calls for enhanced development south of Sooke Road (Hwy 14) to improve public access and sight lines of our spectacular waterfront of the Sooke Harbour and Basin.

For a few years, there has been talk about a new medical centre being built in Sooke – more comprehensive and modern than the town’s existing small clinics, scattered about the community. In the plan for Mariner’s Village is the “Sooke Professional Wellnes Centre,” a large (perhaps up to 10,000 sqft) facility complete with doctors’ offices, Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) space, lab space, x-ray clinic, and other medical and wellness facilities.

A more comprehensive medical facility is essential for our town’s growth, especially considering that the nearest hospital is 25-35 minutes’ drive away in View Royal. And for the communities further west of Sooke like Shirley, Port Renfrew and Jordan River, it will be even more critical.

The project is just getting started, with its sales office for the first residential phase having just opened a couple of weeks ago. While it will take some time for this facility to be built, it will be worth the wait. If you want more information about Mariner’s Village or any other developments or neighbourhoods in Sooke, please call me at 250-885-0512, email or fill in my contact form.

Want to know why Sooke is the place to be? Contact me!

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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