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Sooke Real Estate Statistics – August 2013

Waterfront property with dock

49 Seagirt Sold in August 2013

August was much busier this year than in 2012 – not only in Sooke, but all over the Capital Region. Personally, most of the business I did was carried over from July, and was finished by the first week. From there on it was rest and relaxation the rest of the month, while managing the listings I have. One of the most relaxing Augusts I can remember in recent memory. The Thursday before the Labour Day long weekend, my phone, like clockwork, started ringing for appointments for the first week of September. It is those appointments which kept me from posting August stats until now. Let’s have a look at the numbers: Read more

Sooke Real Estate Statistics – August 2012

A Duplex I listed in East Sooke in August

Nice weather – but slow for real estate sales. I hope everyone enjoyed the wonderfully hot and dry August weather here in Sooke and Victoria. Real estate sales in Sooke continue to be sluggish, and this month, they reflect the overall market in Greater Victoria, which also underperformed August of last year’s numbers. Again, prices seem to be relatively stable, though with low sales numbers, average and median prices become somewhat less meaningful… Read more

Victoria BC MLS® Real Estate Statistics – August 2008

Listings are up. WAYYYY up. Sales are down and prices are flat or falling. What does this mean to you?

If you’re a buyer: Good news. If you’re buying now you’ve got more inventory to look at than any time in the last twelve years. Shop around and make offers. Sellers are probably nervous.

If you’re a seller: Not so good news. While prices for single family homes have remained relatively flat over the medium-term (the six-month average is still near $600,000), the average price dropped to $550,000 from $578,000 last month. Realistic pricing (listen to your agent!) and good marketing is key to success in this market.

Below is the full report and summary graphs, courtesy Victoria Real Estate Board:

Property Sales and Prices Soften in August

September 2, 2008

Sales of homes and other properties in the Greater Victoria area followed the expected trend and softened last month as many people enjoyed vacation time. Prices also moderated slightly. A total of 517 homes and other properties sold in August through the Victoria Real Estate Board’s Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) compared to the 616 sales in July. There were 846 sales in August of last year.

Victoria Real Estate Board President, Tony Joe, notes that today’s buyers now have more properties from which to choose than at any time since 1996. “The number of properties available for sale is now at the highest level in over 12 years, increasing in August to 4,657. That represents a 39 per cent increase compared to August of last year.” Joe notes that prices moderated last month with nearly 46 per cent of single family homes selling for under $500,000. “The average price of single family homes in Greater Victoria last month was $549,914, down from over $578,000 in July; the six-month average was $592,582 though the median price in August was considerably lower at $512,000.” Joe noted that eleven single family homes sold for over $1 million in August, including two sales on the Gulf Islands.

The average price of all townhomes sold last month was $413,994, down from nearly $455,000 in July; the six month average was $435,309. The median price in August was $382,000. Joe noted that the overall average price for condominiums at $302,200 last month was virtually unchanged from July. The average for the last six months was $319,825. The median price for condominiums in August was $280,000.

MLS® sales last month included 269 single family homes, 160 condominiums, 53 townhomes and eight manufactured homes.

Summary Report and Graphs

Monthly Sales Summary
Average Selling Price Graphs
Active Listings, New Listings, And Sales Graphs

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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BC Home Sales Continue at Fast Pace

Vancouver, BC – September 18, 2007.

British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) reports residential sales volume on the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) in BC climbed 25.9 per cent to $4.33 billion in August, compared to the same month last year. Residential unit sales increased 12.6 per cent to 9,833 units during the same period. The average MLS® residential price hit $439,931, up 11.8 per cent from August 2006.
BC home sales rebounded over the summer months, climbing 14 per cent June through August, compared to the same period last year. Year to date, BC home sales are up 4.7 per cent to 74,939 units.
“Despite eroding affordability, home sales are on a near record pace,” said Cameron Muir, BCREA Chief Economist. “Preferred retirement locations, such as Vancouver Island, the Okanagan and Kootenays, have experienced the largest increases in home sales this year.”
Muir noted that, while home sales are up, the average home price across the province is climbing at a year-over-year rate of 12 per cent, down from a high of 21 per cent in June 2006. “Barring any unforeseen shock in the market, such as rapidly rising interest rates or a meltdown of the BC economy, less upward pressure on home prices is expected over the next 24 months,” added Muir.

For the complete news release, including detailed statistics, follow this link:

Busiest August in 15 years – Monthly Victoria BC MLS® Statistics

September 4, 2007

The exceptional strength of the Victoria area real estate market continued in August with brisk sales and robust prices. Sales of homes and other properties in the Greater Victoria area last month reached the highest level for the month of August in over 15 years. There were 846 sales through the Victoria Real Estate Board’s Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) in August, up 22 per cent from the 694 sales in the same month a year ago. There were 922 sales in July of this year. Meantime, 23 sales of over $1 million, including one sale in Oak Bay of over $5 million, helped push the average price of single family homes sold in August to another record high of $576,632; the median price was considerably lower and remained unchanged from July at $515,000; the six-month average was $566,094.

Victoria Real Estate Board President, Bev McIvor, says the market so far this year has exceeded expectations. “The continued strong demand we are seeing is remarkable; so far this year, overall sales are running 13 percent higher compared to the first eight months of last year.” McIvor noted that despite robust prices nearly 20 per cent of sales of single family homes last month were under $400,000.

The average price for all condominiums sold in August was $298,852; the average for the last six months was $313,852. The median was again lower at $275,000. The average price for townhomes last month was $395,646; the average for the last six months was $398,299. The median was $379,000.

MLS® sales last month included 443 single family homes, 218 condominiums, 98 townhomes and 24 manufactured homes.

There were 3,352, properties listed for sale on the MLS® system at the end of last month, virtually unchanged from the 3,345 properties in the same month a year ago.

Summary Report 

Courtesy Victoria Real Estate Board –