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A Fresh Look, A New Direction

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I hope that I’ve gone the right way here in moving from WordPress.comSookie Sam's mini-golf to my own self-hosted WordPress installation. I have ideas and things I want to do with this blog that go beyond what could do for me, including the new theme and layout.

Inspired by other hyper-local bloggers like Miss 604, is going to focus on local Sooke content. Events, community info, history, people, and real estate will be topics covered. Have an event? let me know. Ideas for articles? Ditto.

I highly recommend you subscribe to the feed from this blog for free updates. I blog daily, and you won’t want to miss it. In the sidebar you can find instructions and information about subscribing.

I want this to be a community effort and a forum for discussion of local issues. I encourage you to comment (anonymously, even) on any post, good or bad. Just look for the comments box or link.

And for those not in the know, the 642 in 642Blog comes from our phone numbers in Sooke, which mostly start with 642. Yes. We’re all up in the 642, y’all.

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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Lots to Talk About

I’m having lots of fun with the Horrible MLS Photo of The Day. Thanks to all who have commented on the posts. I consider it my duty to get other agents educated about good photography and visual presentation.

That being said, I do have a few “serious” post ideas in the pipe, and will write/post them as soon as I can. I’m hoping to be able to spend a good chunk of Friday morning blogging.

Topics may or may not include:

  • Recent CMHC Housing report
  • Green Real Estate with West Hills in Langford, BC
  • The closing of West Corp.’s Central Saanich office
  • B.C. condo project financial woes

Stay tuned!

Tim Ayres

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