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Gym in Sooke – The Fresh Fitness Company


Perhaps a little late for a New Year’s resolution, but it’s never too late to begin to change your lifestyle to achieve greater health and fitness.

Have you joined other fitness facilities with good intentions to keep up a regular workout, and then fallen off the wagon into a rut? Do you dread going to the gym, running on a treadmill and doing the same, boring routines every time you go? You’re not alone, and that’s why you should check out The Fresh Fitness Company, a gym in Sooke owned and operated by Kristen Lindal.

Fresh Fitness is different. There are no weight machines. There are very few free weights, even. No treadmills, no stair climbers, and no elliptical trainers. Fresh Fitness in Sooke is a class-based fitness facility, with qualified instructors leading groups in various forms of exercise, motivating and coaching along the way. Instead of paying your monthly fees and then off you go on your own, Kristen’s company takes a fresh approach in leading you to your fitness goals.

My fiancee joined Fresh Fitness over a year ago, and she still goes, five days a week. She’s the first one to admit that she’s failed to keep up the routine in the past with other gyms. The difference? Variety. Kristen and her professional instructors host many different types of fitness classes that appeal to a broad variety of people. Monday might be a spinning class, Tuesday might be a cardio dance class. On Wednesday, muscle tone is the focus in a body shaping class. The end result are that members of Fresh Fitness want to go back to do more classes, resulting in a full-body workout over the course of a week.

The Fresh Fitness Company also offers training and support for runners; Marg and I were a part of their Victoria 1/2 Marathon running group last year. They also train for the TC10K and the Run for the Cure.

Is The Fresh Fitness Company a ladies-only facility? No, they have quite a few men as members, and I have done classes there on a drop-in basis too.

From its humble beginnings in owner Kristen Lindal’s Whiffen Spit home, Fresh Fitness has a permanent home in Sooke’s Evergreen Centre (beside the BC Liquor Store). You can reach Fresh Fitness at 250-642-2377.

Here are a couple of videos of their classes (Click through if you’re reading this through a feed reader or e-mail):

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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