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Take a Trip Back In Time Down Sooke Road With Google Streetview

Back to the Future Delorean Time Machine

Recently, Google added a neat little feature to its Street View product – the ability to go back in time by displaying their previously-captured images of the streets and towns in its Street View database. Street View was launched in 2007, so for many areas you can see how they’ve changed over the past seven years. For Sooke, most of the community was first captured in 2009, then again in 2011 and 2012.  Read more

SOLD! Commercial Land and Building For Sale In Sooke – Former Mulligans Restaurant 2197 Otter Point Road

2.16 Acres of C-2 Zoned Commercial Property

SOLD! $699,000 – REDUCED!

Amazing opportunity to buy one of the last large commercial properties available in Sooke. At just over 2 acres, this C-2 zoned property is centrally located within walking distance of hundreds of single family homes, and a newly-approved 127-lot subdivision across the street (Nott Brook Estates). What a location for a neighbourhood commercial centre!
Read more

Sooke Waterfront Development Acreage For Sale – 1 Acre Low-Bank Waterfront With Older Home – 6107 Seabroom Rd

1 acre of low-bank waterfront on the Sooke Basin

$749,900 MLS® 307762

What an amazing opportunity for a quiet seaside lifestyle and an incredible future development. This one acre parcel has a charming, rustic 3 bedroom cottage set at the rear of the property amongst towering fir trees, overlooking a flat, level, grassy field that fronts right on to the Sooke Basin… Read more

Wild Coast Cottages Port Renfrew is Nearly 70% SOLD OUT!

Wild Coast Cottages, Port Renfrew, BC

The onset of our rainy and windy fall weather has not deterred excited buyers from making the trip out to Wild Coast Cottages in Port Renfrew. This intriguing development is truly unique on southern Vancouver Island and offers 40 ‘micro-cottages’ on their own lots in a waterfront recreational property at affordable prices. I had an update from the developer last week and there are now 25 firm sales and 3 conditional out of the total of 40 cottages!

Amazing Views from the Property

There are still some great lots available, including my listing of Lot 16, one of the largest and most private lots in the development.

If you’d like more information, please contact me for a quick response! Please see below for an updated price list:

Wild Coast Cottages Price List Nov 1 2010

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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Mariner’s Village In Sooke To Include New Medical Centre

Mariner's Village, Sooke, Master Concept

Sooke is quickly becoming one of the province’s fastest growing communities. New neighbourhoods are under construction, new parks and trails being established, and new commercial developments are being undertaken. Perhaps the most exciting of these developments is the Mariner’s Village project. Mariner’s Village is a mixed-use, multi-phase waterfront development which will include condominiums and townhouses, a new marina, restaurants, shops, offices and more.

Much more than just a subdivision, Mariner’s Village is the first step in the re-imagining of downtown Sooke. The town’s official community plan calls for enhanced development south of Sooke Road (Hwy 14) to improve public access and sight lines of our spectacular waterfront of the Sooke Harbour and Basin.

For a few years, there has been talk about a new medical centre being built in Sooke – more comprehensive and modern than the town’s existing small clinics, scattered about the community. In the plan for Mariner’s Village is the “Sooke Professional Wellnes Centre,” a large (perhaps up to 10,000 sqft) facility complete with doctors’ offices, Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) space, lab space, x-ray clinic, and other medical and wellness facilities.

A more comprehensive medical facility is essential for our town’s growth, especially considering that the nearest hospital is 25-35 minutes’ drive away in View Royal. And for the communities further west of Sooke like Shirley, Port Renfrew and Jordan River, it will be even more critical.

The project is just getting started, with its sales office for the first residential phase having just opened a couple of weeks ago. While it will take some time for this facility to be built, it will be worth the wait. If you want more information about Mariner’s Village or any other developments or neighbourhoods in Sooke, please call me at 250-885-0512, email or fill in my contact form.

Want to know why Sooke is the place to be? Contact me!

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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How Many Homes Are There At Sooke’s Sunriver Estates?

A beautiful home at Sunriver Estates in Sooke, BC

…And answers to other frequently asked questions about Sunriver Estates in Sooke – one of the most popular new neighbourhoods in the greater Victoria, BC area.

Because I write a lot about Sooke, I get plenty of questions about living here, working here, and of course, about the neighbourhoods. Sunriver Estates is a huge master-planned community on the banks of the Sooke River, sloping up the Sooke Hills with various creeks and other natural features. It’s a very nice looking development, so it’s no surprise that it’s very popular. Also, the lots are larger than most other new developments in our area, so you can have a real back yard instead of a postage stamp. People move out here for the natural beauty, recreational options, quiet lifestyle, and of course the value. It amazes people when they visit Sooke what you get for your money, and how much more a similar house would cost (usually on a tiny lot) in Victoria, or even Langford, just 20-25 minutes’ drive away. Below are some answers to some frequently-asked questions about Sunriver Estates in Sooke.

Q. Is Sunriver Estates a strata development?

A. No, all homes in Sunriver are freehold, fee simple titles (except for the townhouses). Read details in this post.

Q. How many homes have been built at Sunriver?

A. There have been 371 houses built at Sunriver since it broke ground in 2004.

Q. How many homes are planned?

A. There will be 715 houses at Sunriver when construction is completed.

Q. How many more years will construction be taking place at Sunriver until it’s built-out?

A. At the current pace of construction, all homes will be sold and construction complete in approximately 5 years.

Q. What about the building scheme? I’ve heard that boats and RVs, etc are not allowed? Who enforces it?

A. The building scheme at Sunriver allows boats and RVs, etc, but stipulates that they must be behind a fence, lattice, or other sort of screening so that they don’t clutter up the character of the neighbourhood. The developer has sent out letters to offending properties asking them to comply. To date no one has been fined or needed action beyond the letter.

Q. Are any condominiums planned for Sunriver?

A. No, condos are not being built at Sunriver Estates. There are some very nice townhouses at The Pointe, and there may be a few more built.

Q. Will there be any commercial space built at Sunriver? Neighbourhood shops, cafes, etc?

A. When construction is completed, the sales centre will be sold off as commercial space. It will be up to the buyer (and Sooke zoning and business bylaws) what goes in there. Anything is possible – cafe, restaurant, pub? Who knows!

If you have any more questions about Sunriver Estates or other areas in Sooke or would like information about homes for sale in Sunriver Estates and Sooke, give me a call at 250-885-0512, email or fill in my contact form!

Do you live in Sunriver? What’s your favourite thing about living there?

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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A Tour Through Sooke’s Sunriver Estates Subdivision [Video]

Check out this video I shot the other day of a drive through Sun River Estates in Sooke. It’s a little shakey at times – sorry – but will give you a good idea of what the neighbourhood looks like, and I also provide some information about the various amenities in Sunriver, the prices, sizes, and features of the homes and lots.

If you’re reading this through a feed reader or via e-mail subscription, you may need to click the title of this post to view the video.

As always, if you have any questions about selling or buying a home (new or resale) in Sun River Estates, please give me a call at 250-885-0512, email me, or fill in my contact form – I will help you promptly.

Click for information about Sun River Estates and other neighbourhoods in Sooke.

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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Exciting New Ocean View Condo Development for Sooke!

Late last month,  I was invited to a lunch event at the fabulous Markus’ Wharfside Restaurant to learn about two new development projects that will soon be breaking ground in Sooke.

Harbour View Center is the most exciting of the two. I’d venture to say it’s probably the most important development in the last 5 years, besides perhaps Sunriver Estates. It’s been at least a decade since the last condominium complex was built in Sooke, and I believe the market is desperate for some new, quality condos in Sooke.

The building will be located at Dover Street and Sooke Road on Sooke’s southern slope, just east of the town centre. This is an area that Council has designated as the major growth centre for the town, and for good reason. The gentle slope from Sooke Road down to Sooke Harbour is ideal for building beautiful ocean and mountain view homes and commercial space.

View Harbour View Center Location in a larger map

The development will feature 32 suites, most with spectacular ocean views. The non-view suites start at a very affordable price – $189,900 for 555 sqft, and prices range up to a very reasonable $399,900 for a top-floor, 1012 sqft ocean view unit. All units will feature 10 or 11 foot ceilings, granite countertops, hardwood floors, private balconies, and the complex will have underground parking – as yet unheard of in Sooke due to lack of storm sewers.

This is the first of what I hope are many affordable, quality condominium projects that will be coming available in the next few years. If you’ve been waiting for a chance to have a brand-new condominium in Sooke to live in, rent out, or as a vacation property, this is your golden opportunity. With only 32 units available, I’m fairly certain that this will sell out, and sell out fast.

For more information on how to register to reserve your unit, please contact me at 250-885-0512, or fill in my contact form.

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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Radius Victoria isn’t Dead Yet

Radius Victoria LogoSometimes the sound of silence on a formerly buzzing construction site can be deafening. We haven’t heard anything about the stalled Radius project in uptown downtown Victoria in months, since the project was stalled due to credit woes in late 2007. But in today’s Times Colonist, John Schucht, president of Waywell Development, is quoted saying that the project is going to get back on track “one way or another.”

Since I first heard about the project, I have liked its “urban village” concept and thought it was a good fit for Victoria. I’ve blogged about it before, and that post stands as one of the most popular on the blog (7th place, to be precise), so obviously other people are excited about it too. The combination of commercial office space (including University Canada West), retail, and residential units in one city block is a good idea for reducing the need for cars in the city.

I’m glad to hear that they may be close to getting the project back together. With half the commercial space leased and half of the residential units sold, it seems that an investor would have confidence in the developer to make this project work.

Let’s hope it comes together.

Tim Ayres

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Westhills, Victoria BC – A Green Revolution

Langford Master-planned Community Has a Vision For a Green Future.

As a volunteer on the Victoria Real Estate Board‘s Green Task Force, I was invited to a presentation at the WesthillsThe Westhills Master Plan Community Planning Office, at 957 Langford Parkway. The 20-year plan, which envisions an eventual 6,000 housing units made up of condominiums, townhouses, and detached dwellings will sit on a massive 517 acre site on the shores of Langford Lake.

This ambitious development is unique in that it is a large-scale master-planned community, based on sustainability, both resource-based (green building) and social-based (traditional neigbourhood design). The project will adhere to Built Green™ standards for residential construction, and LEED™ (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) standards for commercial buildings. The development is also a pilot project for LEED-ND (neighbourhood development), helping to set a standard for residential construction under the LEED™ guidelines.

The overall idea is to create a community that fosters green living, and healthy social interaction. Sustainable building practices and stormwater management will be used. There will be no asphalt paving in the development; all roads and sidewalks will be paver-stone or a similar permeable material, allowing storm water to seep back into the water table rather than having to manage it through drainage culverts, which can lead to unnatural erosion of the landscape. Two commercial nodes and one town centre will have all the amenities within walking distance of every front door in the community. A network of cycling and walking trails will criss-cross the development. And its location right along the E&N Railway line will enable a future train station for any eventual commuter rail service into downtown Victoria. Homes will be closer to the street, and will feature outdoor living spaces at the front of the house, to foster human interaction. Also, the idea is to have a mixture of different types of housing in the same area, ensuring that the neighbourhood is populated with people of all ages and socioeconomic status.

The master plan calls for 40% of the total acreage to be left untouched, including several forested areas, natural marshland, mountains, hills, and lakes. It is hoped that paradise falls, a small waterfall between two lakes on the property could be harnessed for hydroelectric power.

The property is still in the early stages of development; there are no homes for sale just yet, but the team is just putting the finishing touches on the initial floor plans, and hope to have the first neighbourhood started by the fall.

As green building becomes more and more mainstream, the extra cost associated with building green will gradually fall off. This is the hope of the development team, who struggle with the dilemma of reaching the standards of Built Green™ and LEED-ND™ without putting costs out of the reach of home owners. For example, metal roofs would be the ideal choice – no toxic chemicals leached into the runoff, etc – but as of now it is cost-prohibitive. They are also exploring the possibility of using a geothermal heating and cooling system, which would greatly increase energy efficiency.

The Westhills team is certainly practising what they are preaching. Their office is built just how they want their homes and commercial spaces built in the development. A comfortable flooring material made from recycled rubber tires lines the presentation area. Special care was taken to use low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) adhesive to fix it to the floor. There is recycled/recyclable carpet over a cork underlay. The sitting area has a floor made from the refinished glu-lam beams from the recently-demolished Mayfair Lanes bowling alley (how cool is that!?). All paints, stains, adhesives, etc are low-VOC. Even the office furniture and cabinetry is all sourced from sustainable or recycled product. And of course, lighting is provided by low-voltage halogen or compact fluorescent.

This ambitious project will hopefully highlight how builders and developers can handle future growth, while simultaneously maintaining a strong bottom line and protecting our environment. For more information about this remarkable community and the principles and standards to which it will be built, please visit their website, and check out the various links at the top and left side of the page.

Tim Ayres

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