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Properties Up Close: 6463 Willowpark Way, Sunriver Estates, Sooke

6463 Willowpark Way, Sunriver Estates, Sooke

Welcome to a new series on What The Sooke!? Each week, I’m going to profile one of my current listings. If you’ve ever checked out my listings before, you know that I’m pretty descriptive and I do my utmost to tell a story about the property I am representing. However, there’s only so much I can do to tell you about my listings, since I don’t live in them! So, I’ve sent out a short questionnaire to the sellers, who’ll tell me in their own words why their property is special.  Read more

How Many Homes Are There At Sooke’s Sunriver Estates?

A beautiful home at Sunriver Estates in Sooke, BC

…And answers to other frequently asked questions about Sunriver Estates in Sooke – one of the most popular new neighbourhoods in the greater Victoria, BC area.

Because I write a lot about Sooke, I get plenty of questions about living here, working here, and of course, about the neighbourhoods. Sunriver Estates is a huge master-planned community on the banks of the Sooke River, sloping up the Sooke Hills with various creeks and other natural features. It’s a very nice looking development, so it’s no surprise that it’s very popular. Also, the lots are larger than most other new developments in our area, so you can have a real back yard instead of a postage stamp. People move out here for the natural beauty, recreational options, quiet lifestyle, and of course the value. It amazes people when they visit Sooke what you get for your money, and how much more a similar house would cost (usually on a tiny lot) in Victoria, or even Langford, just 20-25 minutes’ drive away. Below are some answers to some frequently-asked questions about Sunriver Estates in Sooke.

Q. Is Sunriver Estates a strata development?

A. No, all homes in Sunriver are freehold, fee simple titles (except for the townhouses). Read details in this post.

Q. How many homes have been built at Sunriver?

A. There have been 371 houses built at Sunriver since it broke ground in 2004.

Q. How many homes are planned?

A. There will be 715 houses at Sunriver when construction is completed.

Q. How many more years will construction be taking place at Sunriver until it’s built-out?

A. At the current pace of construction, all homes will be sold and construction complete in approximately 5 years.

Q. What about the building scheme? I’ve heard that boats and RVs, etc are not allowed? Who enforces it?

A. The building scheme at Sunriver allows boats and RVs, etc, but stipulates that they must be behind a fence, lattice, or other sort of screening so that they don’t clutter up the character of the neighbourhood. The developer has sent out letters to offending properties asking them to comply. To date no one has been fined or needed action beyond the letter.

Q. Are any condominiums planned for Sunriver?

A. No, condos are not being built at Sunriver Estates. There are some very nice townhouses at The Pointe, and there may be a few more built.

Q. Will there be any commercial space built at Sunriver? Neighbourhood shops, cafes, etc?

A. When construction is completed, the sales centre will be sold off as commercial space. It will be up to the buyer (and Sooke zoning and business bylaws) what goes in there. Anything is possible – cafe, restaurant, pub? Who knows!

If you have any more questions about Sunriver Estates or other areas in Sooke or would like information about homes for sale in Sunriver Estates and Sooke, give me a call at 250-885-0512, email or fill in my contact form!

Do you live in Sunriver? What’s your favourite thing about living there?

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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Is Sunriver Estates in Sooke a Strata?

Sunriver Estates in Sooke has many different home designs, including this Riverstone plan.

This is a question I get all the time from people who are interested in buying a home in Sooke’s popular Sunriver Estates subdivision.

The answer is no, Sunriver is not a strata. There are no councils, meetings, minutes, or strata fees. Each detached home in the development is a fee simple title, which is the same as most other detached homes in British Columbia. However, there is a townhouse complex at Sunriver, which is a strata with the usual implications thereof.

What Sunriver is, is a planned community, meaning that you can’t simply purchase a lot and build whatever home you please on it. The developer at Sunriver has the exclusive rights to sell the lots, and will only do so with the purchase of a building contract to go with it. There are a number of different home designs to choose from, both single level and two-storey, and almost all the homes can have a basement built under them for an extra level.

 While Sunriver Estates in Sooke is not a strata, people often ask me about the “rules” for the community. A common rumour is that you’re not allowed to have a boat or RV in your driveway at Sunriver. This isn’t exactly accurate. All homes at Sunriver have a building scheme registered on title. A building scheme is a set of restrictions that a developer will register on the title to the lots to ensure a community that is uniform in appearance and neat and tidy. For example, it’s common for a developer that is selling only building lots to stipulate a minimum size for the homes or that mobile homes are not allowed.

Sunriver’s building scheme has a few stipulations about boats and RVs at Sunriver. Basically, they want them out of sight. Keep them in the back yard or screened behind a fence or lattice and you’ll have no problems. That being said, there is always the question of who enforces a building scheme, how they would do that, what the penalty would be for violation, and under what conditions would they enforce it, i.e., would it take a complaint from a neighbour?

Take a drive around Sunriver – you’ll see plenty of examples of boats and RVs in various states of compliance or non-compliance with the building scheme.

If you have any questions about Sunriver Estates, please take a moment to email me at, call me at 250-885-0512, or fill in my contact form – I’m always happy to help.

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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Sooke’s Sunriver Estates is On Sale

Sunriver Estates

Sunriver Estates

Driving home from a shift at Royal LePage’s Mayfair Mall kiosk last night, I heard a radio ad on CFAX 1070 for Sunriver Estates.

They are offering a “builder’s coupon” discount of $15,000 for purchasers. The popular planned community along the Sooke River is obviously experiencing a slowdown in sales like everyone else, so this is a great time to head on out and have a look. The ad mentioned getting a $369,000 brand new home for $354,000. It wasn’t clear from the ad whether this applied only to that plan or to any plan. The discount can be taken off the price or used for upgrades or appliance packages.

There are also 12 existing homes for sale in Sunriver, ranging from $349,900 to $500,000. Click the following link to view these Sunriver Estates homes for sale

If you are considering a new or resale home in Sunriver Estates and would like to be represented by an experienced agent, give me a call at 250-885-0512, fill in my contact form, or shoot me an e-mail at My services are available to you, the buyer, at no cost; REALTORS® are paid by the seller.

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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