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How to Sell Your Langford or Victoria BC Home In A Day


Call your REALTOR®, and list it now.

Of course, not every home is going to sell overnight, but supply of good, moderately-priced homes is tight, and seems only to be getting tighter. I’ve been tracking listings of single family homes in Sooke, Langford, and Colwood for a client of mine. Check out this spreadsheet (I’ll keep updating it, so feel free to bookmark it). Listings are up a little bit this week, but often conditions come off on Fridays, so you can expect quite a few drop off before the week is out.

From a days on market standpoint, I’m simply amazed at how quickly well-priced, mid-market homes are selling. Out of all sales (80 total) in Langford, since September 1, the average time to sell is 36 days. There were a few 100+ days on market listings that drag the average up a little. To better illustrate my point, there were fully 32 single family homes that sold in 14 days or less. Keeping in mind that conditions on an offer usually take a week or longer, you can comfortably assume that homes that sell in 14 days or less have an accepted offer within a week.

During the same period, it seems that most of the core areas of greater Victoria are experiencing similar time to sell. Next door, Colwood had an average of 45 days on the market, with 31 sales. The central core of Victoria (Victoria, Saanich, Esquimalt, Oak Bay) saw 307 homes sell in an average of 36 days.

Interestingly, Sooke, which has much more moderate prices, had 36 sales in an average of 76 days on market. This is not unexpected – Sooke’s market has always been a little slower than the rest of greater Victoria. Still – well priced, mid-market homes are selling quickly in Sooke.

At a time of year when things are usually expected to start slowing down, this market is as busy as ever. If you’re thinking of selling your home, now would be a very, very good time. There is still time to move before Christmas, or start the new year off in a new home.

I’m always available to answer questions, run stats, and of course I’d love to evaluate your home and show you my marketing plan. I can be reached at 250-885-0512,, or you can fill in my contact form.

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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How to Sell Your Home in Black and White

Now here is somebody who tells it like it is

This video is by Daniel Rothamel, a REALTOR® in Charlottesville, Virginia. If there is one thing that I am constantly trying to express to my clients when listing their properties, it’s to try and look at the place from a buyer’s standpoint. This is especially hard when you’ve got Mr. and Mrs. Smith, who built the house 30 years ago (and haven’t updated it since!) and are now selling. They are unable (or in some cases, unwilling) to take the emotion and wonderful family memories out of the formula for arriving at a reasonable listing price.

Although our market in the Sooke and Victoria area is still going strong, it is no secret that the main enemy to sellers today is an overpriced home. Sure, there are plenty of buyers out there, but there are also lots more listings; the forces of supply and demand take over and the overpriced listing sits there, overpriced.

So here is the video, and extra credit to Daniel for “why didn’t I think of that?

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