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Logging near Cathedral Grove. Really?

In this morning’s Times Colonist newspaper, there was an article about Island Timberlands‘ plans to log an area

Photo Credit: EverySpoon on Flickr

Photo Credit: EverySpoon on Flickr

which borders world-famous Cathedral Grove, home to some of the oldest, largest trees on the Island. Because it is so accessible (Highway 4 goes right through it), Cathedral Grove, in MacMillan Provincial Park, has become the most famous forest in Canada, drawing thousands of visitors from around the world (there’s even a Swedish website about it).

I’m not anti-logging. Logging supported my family a few generations ago, and I know it supports many BC families to this day. Trees are a renewable resource, thankfully.

But seriously. Come on. Near Cathedral Grove?

Island Timberlands says that the viewscape will be unaffected, and plans to remove the timber (some of it old-growth) from its lands by helicopter. Chainsaws and other logging equipment will be audible in the park, which is somewhat unsettling. What would the tourists think?

There are lots of trees on the Island, and plenty of mature second-growth forests for Island Timberlands to log which won’t anger people and endanger one of the true natural wonders of this province. Old-growth trees risk damage to their root systems from erosion, which can cause them to blow down when logging occurs near them.

Stay away from the Grove, please.

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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