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Sooke Real Estate Statistics – August 2013

Waterfront property with dock

49 Seagirt Sold in August 2013

August was much busier this year than in 2012 – not only in Sooke, but all over the Capital Region. Personally, most of the business I did was carried over from July, and was finished by the first week. From there on it was rest and relaxation the rest of the month, while managing the listings I have. One of the most relaxing Augusts I can remember in recent memory. The Thursday before the Labour Day long weekend, my phone, like clockwork, started ringing for appointments for the first week of September. It is those appointments which kept me from posting August stats until now. Let’s have a look at the numbers: Read more

Sooke Real Estate Statistics – March 2013

Aylard Farm Beach, East Sooke Park

Aylard Farm Beach, East Sooke Park

Looking back on last month, I’m not sure if March came in like a lion, but it certainly went out like a lamb. What an amazing Easter long weekend we just had. I spent the weekend with family in from out of town, and enjoyed the way warmer-than-usual weather on my patio with a cold beverage and a book. But – how did the real estate market fare? Let’s take a look
Read more

Sooke Real Estate Statistics – March 2012

The living room of a listing I took in March (click pic for more info)

March brought us a teachers’ strike and a 2-week Spring Break here in the Sooke School District. I’m not sure if that slowed down market activity but March 2012 was certainly a good bit behind last month and the same month last year in terms of number of sales and the dollar value of those sales. Still, showing activity is strong and there are definitely buyers out there (I’m working with at least 5 buyers looking in Sooke at the moment).  Read more

Victoria BC Real Estate Buyers Profile – March 2010

Last month’s data from our Member Market Survey has just been released by the Victoria Real Estate Board. Each month, agents who’ve completed one ore more transactions while acting on behalf of a buyer are polled on various questions about their buyers. The goal is to get a snapshot of the situation on the street directly from agents who are actively involved serving their clients.

Highlights from this month’s data:

  • First-time buyers did not represent the largest segment of the buying population, with 27.85% identified as such
  • More people moved into a condo or townhouse from a single family home than vice versa (10.76% vs 8.23%).
  • Once again, single females bought more properties last month than single males. (23 vs. 16)
  • One in five buyers were classified as empty-nesters/retired.

Check out the full details of this month’s survey here.

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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Victoria BC MLS® Real Estate Statistics – March 2008

Greetings, search engine visitors! For April Statistics, released today, May 1, 2008, click here!

Steady as she goes, the Victoria real estate market remains healthy through the first quarter of 2008. Current inventory levels are 17% higher than the same time last year, as many condo and townhouse projects that started several years ago come on-stream to the Victoria Real Estate Board MLS®. Sales numbers are strong, but still less than the same period last year. Buyers have more to choose from, and sellers are still getting good prices for their homes. This is the balance that most people were predicting for this year’s market. Despite the average single family dwelling and townhouse prices being up over last month, I don’t think it’s possible to rely on month-to-month statistics to tell whether prices are moving. I think either way, up or down, they’re moving more slowly than in the past 5 years and we should be comparing quarter-to-quarter to establish trends. Below is the statistics release from the Victoria Real Estate Board and their graphs.

Real Estate Market Offers More Choices for Buyers

April 1, 2008

Real estate buyers in the Victoria area have a growing number of properties from which to choose. The total number of properties available for sale rose to 3,591 in March – a 17 per cent increase over March of last year. Victoria Real Estate Board President, Tony Joe, says the return to a balanced market is good news for both buyers and sellers. “With more properties available for sale, buyers now have a greater choice, but the continued demand for homes and steady prices mean sellers can anticipate strong interest in properties that are realistically priced.” There were 707 sales through the Victoria Real Estate Board’s Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) in March, down from the 833 sales in the same month a year ago but up 14 per cent from the 619 sales in February.

Joe added that prices remained steady last month, “Twenty-eight per cent of single family homes sold for under $450,000 while nearly 36 per cent of condominiums sold for under $275,000.” At the higher end of the market, Joe noted that there were 20 sales in Greater Victoria and two sales on the Gulf Islands of over $1 million.

The average price of single family homes sold in March in Greater Victoria was $597,176; the median price was lower at $529,625. The six-month average for single family homes was $591,439. The average price of all condominiums sold in March was $328,734; the average for the last six months was $332,552. The median was again lower at $300,000. The average price of all townhomes sold last month was $458,378; the six month average was $437,523. The median price was $411,500.

MLS® sales last month included 407 single family homes, 170 condominiums, 68 townhomes and 16 manufactured homes.

Monthly Sales Summary
Average Selling Price Graph
Active Lisings, New Listings and Sales Graphs

Courtesy Victoria Real Estate Board

Tim Ayres

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