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Lindsay Day – 2 Years Later and Buziak’s Murder Still Unsolved

Lindsay Buziak: Still No Arrests In Murder Case

As long as I write this blog, I’m certain to never forget that two years ago today, February 2nd, is the day that Lindsay Buziak, a 24 year old real estate agent from Victoria, was murdered in the house she was showing to prospective buyers.

In the month or so before the anniversary of her death, searches for “Lindsay Buziak” and related keywords surrounding the case show up with increasing frequency on my blog stats because of what I wrote the days after the murder and on the one-year anniversary in 2009.

It’s only natural I guess – people scouring the Internet for information on the case: clues, speculation or rumours. I’d like to think that some of the traffic is law enforcement, hoping that somebody somewhere has posted a new tip or clue about the case.

Because it’s ridiculous that the police have next to nothing to go on. She was killed in the early evening in a residential neighbourhood where people would be getting home from work. Somebody saw something. Somebody knows something that will lead to an arrest. Saanich Police concede that she was intentionally targeted and that the murder was planned many weeks in advance. You can’t plan something like that and have no one know about it.

“Lindsay was intentionally targeted, she was intentionally lured to the home and she was intentionally killed.” – Saanich Police spokeswoman Sgt. Julie Fast.

Lindsay’s family has announced a reward of $100,000 for information leading to an arrest. The Victoria Real Estate Board and the Canadian Real Estate Association have each contributed $25,000 to the reward pool, in a show of support. What happened to Lindsay, while not a direct result of her profession, could happen to any of us in real estate. All too often we get complacent in the chase for another deal. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it – listen to your instincts.

I really hope I never have to write another Lindsay Day post on this blog. Please, if you know anything about this case, no matter how small it may seem, call the Saanich Police tip line at 250-475-4356.

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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UPDATED FEB 3 2009 – Lindsay Buziak Murder – 1 Year Later and Still No Arrest

Lindsay Buziak

Lindsay Buziak was killed one year ago today.


A year ago tomorrow I wrote this post, which still stands as the most-viewed page on my blog. It was one year ago today that 24-year-old real estate agent Lindsay Buziak was murdered in a Gordon Head home she was showing in Saanich. The murder sent shockwaves through our relatively tight-knit real estate community, prompting calls for increased vigilance for agents when working with unknown buyers.

In fact, just a couple of days ago, I got an e-mail from the office detailing another agent’s account of a strange buyer that made him nervous. The whole thing felt uneasy from the beginning, and this agent did everything right. He had another agent call him three times during the showing, which made the “buyer” uneasy. The suspicious person kept trying to get the agent to lead, but the REALTOR® wouldn’t let the buyer get behind him. When they went to enter the house, the agent unlocked and opened the door to the vacant house, and quickly got out of the way to let the client enter first. The “client” then suddenly decided that he didn’t want to see the house after all, when the agent wouldn’t lead him into the house.

It’s a year to the day that the crime took place, and police are still actively investigating the file. According to the Times Colonist article published today, they’ve conducted nearly 1500 interviews, chased down over 750 tips, and executed some 30 search warrants looking for evidence.

Not surprisingly, when police don’t have an answer, the rumour mill takes over and doles out theories. There have been rumours of drug involvement, which the family has been quick to put down. There have been other theories about the Saanich Police Department being stalled by another police force, investigating a case connected to the murder. Saanich Police have theories about why she was murdered, but at this point won’t share them with the public.

The point is, somebody, somewhere knows what happened and isn’t talking. Lindsay’s family says they aren’t blaming the police, and that they realize an investigation like this is measured in years rather than weeks or months. Saanich Police need your help. If you know anything, or know of anyone who does, have them call the Saanich Police Department tip line at 250-475-4313, or Victoria Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or

What are your thoughts on the case?

UPDATE – The Times Colonist has just reported that the Saanich Police Department has released a composite sketch of a possible suspect in the case. Details are still slim, but this represents the most information the public has seen about the case since it happened.

UPDATE 2: Here is the sketch:

Caucasian Woman, 35 to 45 Years Old, Short Blonde Hair

Caucasian Woman, 35 to 45 Years Old, Short Blonde Hair

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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Personal Safety – Complacency Can Kill

Good Morning Professionals,

With the news on the front page of the Victoria Times Colonist this morning about the murder of 24-year-old Lindsay Buziak while showing a house, I’m sure we’re all thinking about our own experiences with clients that just didn’t feel right. Remember, if in doubt, get out. That sale isn’t worth it. You might anger a legitimate client, but anyone worth dealing with would understand your need to take care of your personal safety. You might save yourself a headache from a difficult client or even worse, your life.

I never met Lindsay, but [edit for clarity: she had paged me to show one of my listings on Saturday].

Here are a few safety tips for REALTORS®:

  1. When you are introduced to new clients, meet them in your office first.
  2. Photocopy a client’s driver’s license, obtain the car make, and license number.
  3. Ask them to complete a client identification form and verify the client’s identity.
  4. Let your office know where you are, your schedule, and who you are meeting when going to a property.
  5. Limit the amount of personal information you share about yourself with a client.
  6. Be friendly with neighbours near the listed home and let them know when you will be showing the property.
  7. Program speed dial on your cell phone for 911 and use it when danger first appears.
  8. If you get a strange feeling about someone, pay attention to those gut feelings.
  9. Pre-plan escape routes from each level of a home, before you show it.
  10. Ask a friend to join you at a showing with a client that makes you somewhat uneasy.
  11. Arrive at the location in separate vehicles.
  12. Take a self-defense course.
  13. If you’re showing several properties, phone your office occasionally to check in (if you’re suspicious or fearful of someone, use these calls as a reason to return to the office immediately — BE CREATIVE).
  14. Never put yourself at risk to avoid social awkwardness. You have every right to be cautious. When in doubt—don’t.

The REALTOR® safety guide can be found here.

The real estate community in Victoria extends its deepest sympathies to Lindsay’s family.

Be careful out there.

EDIT: I’d love to hear your comments on safety. Any personal stories or suggestions? Use the comments form/link below.

Tim Ayres

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