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Sooke’s Sunriver Estates is On Sale

Sunriver Estates

Sunriver Estates

Driving home from a shift at Royal LePage’s Mayfair Mall kiosk last night, I heard a radio ad on CFAX 1070 for Sunriver Estates.

They are offering a “builder’s coupon” discount of $15,000 for purchasers. The popular planned community along the Sooke River is obviously experiencing a slowdown in sales like everyone else, so this is a great time to head on out and have a look. The ad mentioned getting a $369,000 brand new home for $354,000. It wasn’t clear from the ad whether this applied only to that plan or to any plan. The discount can be taken off the price or used for upgrades or appliance packages.

There are also 12 existing homes for sale in Sunriver, ranging from $349,900 to $500,000. Click the following link to view these Sunriver Estates homes for sale

If you are considering a new or resale home in Sunriver Estates and would like to be represented by an experienced agent, give me a call at 250-885-0512, fill in my contact form, or shoot me an e-mail at My services are available to you, the buyer, at no cost; REALTORS® are paid by the seller.

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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Are Sooke’s Seaview Trailer Park Residents Still In Peril?

Sooke Harbour

Sooke Harbour

Since I first posted about the plight of the residents of the Seaview Mobile Home Park in Sooke, I’ve had quite the response from residents of the park and observers of the situation. I even had a comment the other day that was so defamatory that I was afraid to post it and I deleted it. Libel and slander are not why I started a blog.

It’s understandable – this is human drama in the purest form. A disadvantaged group of tenants at the mercy of a landlord. These struggles have gone on for centuries and always cause emotions to run high. I am honoured that the residents are choosing my blog as a forum to express their comments, and I thank the two residents of the park that have taken the time to e-mail me to update the situation.

Ever since I wrote last week about Sooke Council passing the mobile home park resident protection bylaw, I wondered how it would affect Seaview, since they were given the eviction notice before the bylaw was passed. I feared that if the eviction notice was lawful, the residents would be forced to leave.

I got an e-mail yesterday from a resident of the park who informed me that the residents are disputing the eviction on the grounds that it was illegally served. This person further stated that even if the eviction notice is valid, that the landlord will have to relocate or buy up the units at fair market value. It would appear then that the District of Sooke’s new policy will apply to the residents, which is some good news.

I will keep updating as I get more information.

Your comments are always appreciated, and can be left below this post or by clicking on the big red comment link.

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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It’s Official: October Sucked. Victoria BC MLS Real Estate Statistics October 2008

October 2008, personified. (Pumpkinified?)

October 2008, personified. (Pumpkinified?)

The stock markets crashed. Billions were pulled out of mutual funds. Banks were bailed out. We were all subjected to hearing Sarah Palin speak. And now this reminder of the worst month in history, ever ™.

The monthly real estate statistics from the Victoria Real Estate Board were (mercifully) delayed by a few days due to the final changeover from our old MLS system (Quest’s Ambiance) to our new MLS System (Tarasoft’s Matrix). When I saw the numbers I thought maybe there was a problem with the software. Sadly, no.

In the first week of October, when the world seemed to be coming to an end, it scared the daylights out of everyone. Can you blame anyone for not wanting to contemplate a major purchase when the words recession and depression are being bandied about left, right and centre by the news media?

Now, it’s not fair to blame the media, although they certainly didn’t help the situation. People were scared, and they still are, although I’d suspect less so now that it seems that the world is taking steps to get the economy back on track, and economist after economist and expert-of-this after expert-of-that has reassured us that Canada, and in particular British Columbia, is in better shape than many areas to weather this storm. Thanks to our boring banks for that.

The point is that our market fundamentals are still sound. Household debt is overall manageable, mortgage rates are low and expected to remain that way, the number of mortgages in arrears is the lowest in the country. We still have interprovincial migration, job growth, low unemployment, and remain the retirement capital of Canada.

I truly believe that we’ve already seen the most of the decline in our real estate market here in Sooke and Victoria. The professional world has already stopped panic-selling their investments, and once the consumer world catches on to the fact that this isn’t the end of the world, I think we’ll start to see stability in the marketplace. Buyers that had been sidelined essentially by fear alone will come out of the woodwork and we’ll have a healthy balanced market come the spring. We won’t see crazy price increases month-to-month, but that’s a good thing.

It really is a good time time to buy – as long as you’re planning to live in your home for a minimum of 3-5 years (good advice in any market). Interest rates are low, and sellers are a little more willing to be flexible on their prices. Get out there and make some offers!

Here is the press release, and related graphs courtesy the Victoria Real Estate Board:

The number of property sales throughout Greater Victoria declined in October while prices remained stable.

A total of 316 homes and other properties sold in October through the Victoria Real Estate Board’s Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) down from the 512 sales in September. There were 708 sales in October of last year. The number of properties available for sale at the end of October was 4,680. That represents a 41 per cent increase compared to October of last year but a slight decline from the 4,754 properties available for sale at the end of September.

Victoria Real Estate Board President, Tony Joe, says despite the decline in the number of sales, it is important to keep the market activity in context. “The last six years have seen extraordinary growth. Last year in particular was truly exceptional both in terms of sales and prices so comparisons must be made with care. A more realistic comparison would be with 1998 — a year in which sales and inventory levels were comparable to today and a time when the market was considered to be strong and stable.” Joe noted there has been a total of 6,012 sales in the first ten months of this year compared to 4,571 in the corresponding period in 1998. There were 4,057 active listings at the end of October, 1998

The average price of single family homes in Greater Victoria last month was $565,741, up from $549,284 in September; the six-month average was $574,848 though the median price in October was considerably lower at $495,000. There were seven single family homes that sold for over $1 million in October, including two in Oak Bay, one of which sold for between $2 million and $3 million.

The average price of all townhomes sold last month was $389,731, down from $405,287 in September; the six month average was $425,866. The median price in October was $369,500. The overall average price for condominiums at $323,028 last month was up from $319,562 in September. The average for the last six months was $316,644. The median price for condominiums in October was $280,000.

MLS® sales last month included 184 single family homes, 76 condominiums, 26 townhomes and eight manufactured homes.

Summary Report and Graphs

Monthly Sales Summary
Average Selling Price Graphs
Active Listings, New Listings and Sales Graphs

Do you have any questions on buying or selling in today’s market? Interested in creative marketing methods to make your home stand out from the crowd? Fill in my contact form, give me a call at 250-885-0512, or e-mail me at and I’d love to meet you for coffee.

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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5 Things Meme

Since Raul was so “upset” (wink-wink nudge-nudge) that I didn’t mention him in yesterday’s W-5 post, I thought I’d steal a meme I came across on his blog (see, I DO read you). For the uninitiated, a meme is like the blog equivalent of a chain letter, except it just asks simple questions, and not for money to Nigeria, or e-mail forwards so Bill Gates will pay for some unfortunate kid’s new legs or whatever.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:

1. Living in Tsawwassen (near Vancouver), with my Mom.
2. Going to school at Kwantlen University College (Criminology).
3. Cooking in at least one (maybe two – don’t remember) different restaurants to pay for said edjamakayshun.
4. Waiting to turn 18 so I could take my PADI Divemaster training on the way to becoming a Scuba instructor.
5. Generally being an awkward first-year college/uni student.

5 things on my to do list today:

1. MLS Tour – It’s quite a short one this week, maybe that’s a good thing.
2. Attend an all-candidates luncheon here in Sooke, to hear what the mayoral and council candidates have to say.
3. Post today’s Horrible MLS Photo Of The Day.
4. Follow up on a buyer call I had yesterday.
5. Watch ER tonight with my fiancee.

5 snacks I love:

1. Bananas.
2. Crackers of almost any sort.
3. Those Japanese rice cracker snacks.
5. Nearly anything sweet (cookies, squares, etc). I have a real weakness for sweets.

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:

1. Buy a larger (but not pretentious) house on or near the waterfront.
2. Invest in rental properties or commercial properties.
3. Donate some money to local charities in the community.
4. Take a few months off work and take my fiancee around the world.
5. Have a huge party for everyone I’ve ever met. Internet people included!

5 places I’ve lived (for various lengths of time):

1. Tsawwassen, BC
2. Richmond, BC
3. Sooke, BC
4. Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas
5. Various and sundry tiny boxes aboard large floating steel circuses.

5 jobs I’ve had:

1. Cook/Sous Chef
3. Scuba Instructor and Dive Shop Manager
4. NCL Dive-In Programme Instructor and Shore Excursions Rep.
5. Courier. The worst 2 months of my life. And my poor truck’s.

5 people I tag:

1. Kye Grace
2. Amanda Nicole
3. Darren Barefoot
4. Stephen Jagger
5. Rodney Bartlett

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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Sooke Real Estate Under $300,000

First Time Buyer? Investor? Looking to stop renting?

There are currently 21 properties as of today (October 20th, 2008) for sale in Sooke under $300,000. And we’re not talking tiny, cramped condos or bachelor pads. The type of properties available for this price range varies from spacious condos and townhouses in waterfront complexes in the Sasseenos area, a small acreage in the Otter Point area, half duplexes in the town core, and even some under-construction brand-new townhouses. The best buy might be the 0.39 acre parcel on Church Road which will be ripe for redevelopment in the future. There are also lots of mobile/manufactured homes in Sooke for between $75,000 – $200,000.

Sooke MLS Real Estate Listings under $300,000

The link above is updated live, so feel free to bookmark it! If you have any questions about how you can get into your own home for under $300,000, give me a call at 250-885-0512 or send me an e-mail to

For your information, a $300,000 property would cost you approximately $1400 per month if you put 5% down and took out a 30-year mortgage, according to RBC’s mortgage calculator, based on a rate of 5.0%. I know several excellent mortgage brokers who can get you pre-qualified with the best rates, saving you thousands of dollars in interest.

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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