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The Whiffin Spit Christmas Tree – A West Coast Christmas Tradition

The Whiffin Spit Christmas Tree

When I first came to Sooke to look at the house I eventually bought, I took a walk out Whiffin Spit. I knew nothing about the community that would become my home and my chosen place to start a family. I didn’t even know what Whiffin Spit was, I was just driving around exploring and found this cool seaside park with a light at the end of the path. It was just after Christmas, and as I meandered along the path, in addition to the many friendly people I saw and lots of dogs, there it was, this tree. Read more

SOLD! House With Suite For Sale In Sooke – 4 Bedrooms 2 Baths – 7047 West Coast Road

SOLD! To get Tim working for you, call 250-885-0512 or email

Step inside this wonderfully updated and maintained family home with over 2400 square feet of space. This home is located just a short stroll from Whiffen Spit Park, a very popular seaside stroll in the town of Sooke. Inside, you’ll love the gleaming hardwood floors and updated kitchen, Read more

Sooke Fall Fair, Chili Cookoff, And Beach Art on The Spit – Sept 12

Think the end of summer marks the end of community events? Think again! Lots will be happening in Sooke on the weekend after Labour Day, September 12th and 13th.


The Sooke Fall Fair, started in 1913, is widely recognized as one of the finest small town fairs in British Columbia, and the 96th edition of that fair this year will be no exception. A celebration of agriculture and rural life, the Fall Fair has something for everyone. Dozens of exhibitors in wide-ranging categories will be displaying their best in areas like produce, poultry, kitchencraft (canning, baking, preserves, etc), art, photography, literature, and more. There are categories for juniors and preschoolers as well. Browse the exhibitor tables at the Sooke Community Hall and the Sooke Legion and enjoy all that our town has to show off. There is a pancake breakfast on Sunday morning as well.The full event program/schedule can be found here.


The Sooke Lions Club will be holding their third annual Sooke Chili Challenge for Charity on Saturday, September 12th. Bring the family out to 6639 Sooke Road (the parking lot between Village Foods and Odyssey Fitness) and watch the teams compete for spicy stew glory. Of course, the best part is eating the chili, so you’ll want to make sure you are there to help judge the competition. The crowd is the only judge, and by purchasing your bowl and spoon, you are helping out local charity and trying out chili from 16 different teams, with entries from local restaurateurs, businesses, and community groups. There will be live entertainment on stage, including Kin Basket, The Cronies, In Need Of A Name, and Git’r Done And The Metal Head Rednecks (uh, wow).

beach art

Beach Art by Bendystraw on Flickr

I was out for a run yesterday along Whiffen Spit, when I saw a strange craft being towed past the beach. It appeared to be a boat or barge of some sort, with some kind of rocking-horse as a figure head and SEPT 12 spraypainted in various spots (if only I’d had a camera). It made me so curious that I stopped to read the rest of the spraypainted messages. ART ON THE BEACH. WHIFFEN SPIT. SEPT 12. So, there is an art on the beach event on Saturday, September 12th, at Whiffen Spit Park. I saw a promotional poster at the entrance to the spit, but was unable to pull up any more information online. All I know is that the Sooke Community Arts Council is putting it on, and their website has the wrong date on it. If anyone knows any details (time, what to expect), please contact me.

UPDATE: I ran past the poster again today and noted that the event is a competition of sorts. Get a team together and build an art piece using only found items (driftwood, etc) from the beach. Registration is at 12:30, with the competition starting at 1:00 until 3:00. Judging and prizes (!) are from 3:00-4:00.

So, get out and enjoy the late summer weather – with the dry summer we’ve had, we can probably expect sunshine until late October. There is always lots to see and do no matter the season in Sooke.

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

Got an event? Let me know and I’ll write about it here!

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Running, Jogging, and Walking in Sooke

Self Portait - I Need to Get Moving!

Self Portait - I Need to Get Moving!

I’d been meaning to write about this for a while, but my post about Fresh Fitness last week attracted a comment from reader Jenna K about good places to run in Sooke, and approximate distances.

I’m back in training. I’ve been an avid runner for the past couple years, coming from a point where I could hardly run a kilometre without resting, to being able to bust off a quick 10K before breakfast. Last year, with Fresh Fitness, my fiancee and I started a training program to run the 1/2 at the Royal Victoria Marathon. We didn’t end up doing the run, as it was on the same day as my ten-year high school reunion in Vancouver. Anyway, a busy summer combined with general laziness and lack of running partner (M hurt her hip and can’t run) kind of sidelined me.

But I’m back in the groove now, and I’m planning on at least three runs this year. The TC 10K, the Vancouver Marathon (1/2 Marathon), and my first full marathon in October at the Royal Victoria Marathon.

The obvious choices for running, jogging and walking in Sooke have to be Whiffen Spit and The Galloping Goose Trail. Whiffen is nice, because it’s approximately 1.5km long, flat, and surrounded by the ocean. The mountain and ocean views are incredible. From the intersection of West Coast/Sooke Road and Whiffen Spit Road to the end of the spit is almost exactly three kilometres. From the start of the Spit to the end, it’s about 1.5km.

There are two main entrances to the Galloping Goose in Sooke. One at Cooper’s Cove, just east of Fuze restaurant, and another on Sooke River Road on the way to Sooke Potholes Park. I like the Goose because as it is an old rail bed, it does not have any steep inclines or declines. Also, the distance is marked every kilometre, so timing your run or doing a certain distance is easy.

I’ve gone a few times up the hill at Harbourview Park (this is the park in Sasseenos at the end of Harbourview road). It’s a bit of a trek up the hill, but it is quite challenging if you’re in for a test. The trail goes on forever so you’ll never run out of room.

I also enjoy the new trail system that is developing in Sooke. Basically all the new developments in the past few years have had to include pedestrian trails somewhere in the development. If you start in Sun River, you could run their many trails down to the SEAPARC centre, and then continue on towards downtown Sooke on the trails that go by the middle school and in behind the new developments off Church Road. You’ll still hit some roads, but it’s getting better all the time.

A really nice route is now available between Murray Road (the bottom part of Otter Point Road) and Ed Macgregor park. The new boardwalk is now complete, and you can run down Murray (very steep!) and the stairs to Rotary Pier, which is the starting point of the boardwalk. Run out across the Sooke Harbour on the boardwalk and you’ll see that instead of the somewhat treacherous stairs and dirt trail up the hill, there is a wheelchair accessible boardwalk, allowing a smooth, not-too-steep run up the embankment into beautiful Ed Mcgregor Park.

Running in Sooke can be challenging, as there are many hills. One day I’d like to run up Otter Point Road from its start at Sooke Road and go all the way around (it’s a horseshoe shaped road) to its intersection with West Coast Road.

See below for a map of some of the routes, or click the link below to view it full-sized.

What are your favourite places to run?

View Larger Map

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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