Sooke’s Sunriver Estates is On Sale

Driving home from a shift at Royal LePage’s Mayfair Mall kiosk last night, I heard a radio ad on CFAX 1070 for Sunriver Estates. They are offering a “builder’s coupon” discount of $15,000 for purchasers. The popular planned community along the Sooke River is obviously experiencing a slowdown in sales like everyone else, so thisContinue reading “Sooke’s Sunriver Estates is On Sale”

Sooke Real Estate Under $300,000

First Time Buyer? Investor? Looking to stop renting? There are currently 21 properties as of today (October 20th, 2008) for sale in Sooke under $300,000. And we’re not talking tiny, cramped condos or bachelor pads. The type of properties available for this price range varies from spacious condos and townhouses in waterfront complexes in theContinue reading “Sooke Real Estate Under $300,000”

Election Promises – Harper’s First Time Home Buyer Plan Is Garbage! [Video] Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced this week that his government if elected, would help out first time home buyers by introducing a $5000 tax credit, to be rolled out over four years (whatever that means). While on the surface the “simple, modest and practical” plan sounds good (woot, $5000 from the gov’ment!) when youContinue reading “Election Promises – Harper’s First Time Home Buyer Plan Is Garbage! [Video]”

Is Your Potential Sooke Neighbourhood Good For Kids? [Video] When looking for a new place to live, you must consider your lifestyle. There’s no sense moving into a neighbourhood full of kids if you don’t like kids! In this video, I offer a few things to look for that will indicate the type of neighbourhood it is. Sunriver Estates in Sooke is veryContinue reading “Is Your Potential Sooke Neighbourhood Good For Kids? [Video]”

Victoria BC MLS® Real Estate Statistics – August 2008

Listings are up. WAYYYY up. Sales are down and prices are flat or falling. What does this mean to you? If you’re a buyer: Good news. If you’re buying now you’ve got more inventory to look at than any time in the last twelve years. Shop around and make offers. Sellers are probably nervous. IfContinue reading “Victoria BC MLS® Real Estate Statistics – August 2008”

Sooke House Insurance Higher Because Of Wind and Snow!?

This via Twitter and the Kids In Victoria Forums. Everyone needs house insurance whether you own or rent. Typically, when you move, you notify your current insurer of the move and they will ask you questions about the house – age, size, heat source, etc. Your real estate professional can also send over a spec sheetContinue reading “Sooke House Insurance Higher Because Of Wind and Snow!?”

CMHC Says No More 40-Year Mortgages In Canada

Tightening of restrictions also eliminates zero-down-payment mortgages. Yesterday, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) announced that it was pulling the plug on 40-year amortization periods for mortgages, stating that it will no longer provide its government-backed insurance for these products. Consumers will also have to come up with minimum 5 per cent down paymentContinue reading “CMHC Says No More 40-Year Mortgages In Canada”

Don’t Close On A Friday! [Video]

Below is a video I shot yesterday about why it’s a bad bad bad idea to close your real estate deals (completion date) on a Friday. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but you want to make sure you set the completion date for any weekday besides Friday. This will make your moving experience a lot easier andContinue reading “Don’t Close On A Friday! [Video]”

First-Time Home Buyer’s Seminar

West Shore Professionals Hosting Free Event Tuesday, January 29th, 2008 at 6:00 P.M. Exclusive first-time buyer’s seminar. Hosted by three of the West Shore’s best and brightest professionals, this informative presentation will enlighten you on the process of buying your first home, and lay out options to make your home ownership dreams a reality! YourContinue reading “First-Time Home Buyer’s Seminar”