Growing Your Business By Community Blogging – I’m Speaking At WordCamp Victoria 2013

  Coming up this Saturday, January 12, 2013 is WordCamp Victoria 2013. If you are curious about blogging or how you can learn new skills and hear about new tools to blog better, WordCamp Victoria is where you want to be this Saturday.

What Is Your Home Worth?

If you want to start an argument on the Internet, or anywhere else, for that matter, start talking about the pros and cons of owning vs renting your home. It’s guaranteed to get people fired up on either side of the argument. Of course, depending on your level of debate, you might never get invitedContinue reading “What Is Your Home Worth?”

As The 2011 Playoffs End, So Does My Playoff Beard

Wow. What a ride. The Vancouver Canucks’ 2010-2011 season was nothing short of spectacular. While I am obviously not happy about the result last night, and I won’t even get into the idiocy in downtown Vancouver that followed, I’ve never enjoyed watching my team play hockey more than this season and playoff run. Thanks boys!Continue reading “As The 2011 Playoffs End, So Does My Playoff Beard”

Oh My God, What Have I Done?!

    Sleepless Nights I think it should be a rule that REALTORS® have to complete one real estate transaction of their own every five years at a minimum. This would help put things in perspective and make us better agents. Having just completed a transaction for me and my family, I can certainly relateContinue reading “Oh My God, What Have I Done?!”

Still Alive and Kicking: An Update from Tim

Wow. It’s been a long time since I’ve updated the blog. I’ve had a tremendously busy summer, both with work and in personal life. Most of my spare time lately has been dedicated to projects around the house. Over the August long weekend, we had a minor flood in the kitchen from the dishwasher that’sContinue reading “Still Alive and Kicking: An Update from Tim”

Lindsay Day – 2 Years Later and Buziak’s Murder Still Unsolved

As long as I write this blog, I’m certain to never forget that two years ago today, February 2nd, is the day that Lindsay Buziak, a 24 year old real estate agent from Victoria, was murdered in the house she was showing to prospective buyers. In the month or so before the anniversary of herContinue reading “Lindsay Day – 2 Years Later and Buziak’s Murder Still Unsolved”

Butchart Gardens Christmas Lights Display

Last night, my wife and I got out and enjoyed the crisp December evening and headed out to world-famous Butchart Gardens on the Saanich Peninsula. Every year they decorate the gardens in thousands of lights, creating a truly magical Christmas experience. Despite the sub-zero temperatures, it was a gorgeous, starlit evening, and the lights wereContinue reading “Butchart Gardens Christmas Lights Display”