First Time Buyer Friday #10 – How Does Rent To Own Work?

In my continuing series, First-Time-Buyer Fridays, I answer a common question from a first-time buyer. If you have a question to submit, first-time-buyer or experienced investor, put one in the comments below, or fire me an e-mail at Q. I’ve heard about people being able to rent-to-own a home? Is this legit? How doesContinue reading “First Time Buyer Friday #10 – How Does Rent To Own Work?”

The Crisis Of Credit Visualized

Below is an excellent video (RSS and e-mail Readers may need to click through to view it) outlining how the global economic downturn got started with the credit crisis in the U.S. If you’ve heard the term sub-prime and aren’t exactly sure what that’s all about, this video does a great job explaining it. BearContinue reading “The Crisis Of Credit Visualized”