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If you’re on Facebook, you’ve seen this one floating around the intertubes for a couple of weeks. I was actually beginning to think (worry?) it’d pass over me without getting tagged, but now I’ve been tagged thrice at least 5 times.

1. I was born in Vancouver General Hospital, and lived a pretty sheltered existence growing up in Tsawwassen – my Mom still lives in the house I grew up in.

2. I am a certified PADI scuba diving instructor; I’ve certified some 150-200 people how to take the plunge, mostly in the chilly (but beautiful) waters of British Columbia.

3. For three years, I worked on board cruise ships, teaching tourists how to snorkel and dive, and trying to teach them how to relax and enjoy their vacation instead of bitching and moaning about something.

4. Cruise ships made me hate people.

5. I’ve learned to like people again. Well, most people.

6. I used to swear one of my legs was significantly longer than the other, but never bothered to measure them to be sure.

7. I love running, which if you asked me about 5 years ago I’d have probably passed out just thinking about it

8. I plan to run my first 1/2 and full marathons this year.

9. I don’t get along well with bosses, never have, which is one of many reasons I know I’m in the right career.

10. I love dogs. I’d have a dozen if I could, but for now this one will do:


11. I am a trivia nerd, and my dream is to be on Jeopardy! some day.

12. I love to write (hence this blog), and would love to write a book just as soon as I figure out how to write one and what to write it about.

13. I have a small but very close group of friends from high school that I still hang around with. They’re like brothers to me.

14. I thought I knew what real love was until I fell in love with my fiancee Marg. I’ve never felt so completely fulfilled and apparently, I’m completely unashamed to share it with the world.

15. I’ve always been an emotional person and I don’t know how I’m going to hold it together on my wedding day.

16. I’m fascinated by technology and social media.

17. I love to travel, and would love to see even more of the world than I did while working on cruise ships. Marg hasn’t been anywhere, and I love showing her new places!

18. I love beer! Fresh, tasty, craft-brewed beer. I have all the equipment to brew my own, too, which I really should do more of. The Great Canadian Beer Festival here in Victoria is one of my favourite events of the year.

19. I drink a lot of coffee in the morning.

20. I love to be near the ocean, which is one of the reasons I moved to the Island.

21. If I had a boat, I’d be fishing on it at least once a week.

22. I consider myself a social person, but I also value peace and quiet, which is another reason I love where I live.

23. At one time or another growing up, I wanted to be: a fireman (what kid didn’t?), police officer, astronaut, hockey player, chef, scientist (no specific -ologist, just a scientist), lawyer, artist.

24. I love movies with great dialogue. Examples: High Fidelity (or most John Cusack films for that matter); Clerks; Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels; Glengarry, Glen Ross.

25. I took way longer than I should have to write this.

Consider yourself tagged, if you’ve not already done this.

Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional

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