First-Time-Buyer Friday #2 – Needs vs Wants

Q. There are lots of potential homes in my price range. How can I narrow down the field so I don’t waste time viewing homes I really have no interest in buying? A. Many first time buyers are hit with this problem. Often, because they’re just starting out and want to make sure they don’tContinue reading “First-Time-Buyer Friday #2 – Needs vs Wants”

First-Time Buyer Fridays! – New Feature on the 642Blog

Welcome to the first edition of First-time Buyer Friday! In this new section of the blog, I’ll chat about a different topic each week that is specifically important to first time buyers in the Victoria and Sooke marketplace. I’ve been working with a lot of first-time buyers lately, so I am getting a lot ofContinue reading “First-Time Buyer Fridays! – New Feature on the 642Blog”