First Time Buyer Friday #4 – Closing Costs

In my continuing series, First-Time-Buyer Fridays, I answer a common question from a first-time buyer. If you have a question to submit, first-time-buyer or experienced investor, put one in the comments below, or fire me an e-mail at Q. What additional closing costs are associated with buying property in Victoria, Sooke, or anywhere elseContinue reading “First Time Buyer Friday #4 – Closing Costs”

First-Time Buyer Fridays! – New Feature on the 642Blog

Welcome to the first edition of First-time Buyer Friday! In this new section of the blog, I’ll chat about a different topic each week that is specifically important to first time buyers in the Victoria and Sooke marketplace. I’ve been working with a lot of first-time buyers lately, so I am getting a lot ofContinue reading “First-Time Buyer Fridays! – New Feature on the 642Blog”

Don’t Close On A Friday! [Video]

Below is a video I shot yesterday about why it’s a bad bad bad idea to close your real estate deals (completion date) on a Friday. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but you want to make sure you set the completion date for any weekday besides Friday. This will make your moving experience a lot easier andContinue reading “Don’t Close On A Friday! [Video]”