Hallowe’en 2015 In Sooke

Happy October, and Happy Hallowe’en! The big night is almost here, and it’s nice that it is on a weekend so we can all enjoy it. I’m not sure the weather is going to cooperate for the little ghouls and ghosts trick-or-treating, but there are still lots of fun family activities going on. Read on…Continue reading “Hallowe’en 2015 In Sooke”

Horrible MLS Photo Of The Day #238

October 28th, 2008 Aren’t you just waiting for the ghosts and goblins to jump out of those doors? Our new MLS® system has the ability (yay!) to accomodate “portrait” oriented pictures, which would have suited this shot instead of the wide “landscape” orientation shown here. Also, the darkness and the crookedness of the hallway makesContinue reading “Horrible MLS Photo Of The Day #238”

Sooke Halloween Ideas: Hallowindow [Video]

H/T to Jason van der Valk at Edgeflow Media for the link. This was too cool not to post. Mark Gervais has created a haunting multimedia animation designed to be projected on your windows on Halloween night. Combine it with a couple of speakers and you’ve got a display that will make you the envyContinue reading “Sooke Halloween Ideas: Hallowindow [Video]”