Prestige Hotel and Conference Centre in Sooke Takes Shape [Photos]

Every day I drive by the site of the new Prestige Hotel and Conference Centre on the waterfront in Sooke. It’s been fun and exciting to watch it all come together. This amazing facility is scheduled to open in February of next year, and since my last update, they’ve announced some more exciting features: TheContinue reading “Prestige Hotel and Conference Centre in Sooke Takes Shape [Photos]”

The Dog (Blog) Days of Summer

Hello 642Blog readers! I hope you’ve all been enjoying this mostly spectacular summer we’ve been enjoying in Sooke and Victoria this year. I’ve certainly been neglecting my posting to this blog except for the Horrible MLS Photos, which I apologize for. I’ve got a whole bunch of ideas floating around for articles, but I’ve beenContinue reading “The Dog (Blog) Days of Summer”

Radius Victoria – A True Urban Village

Radius Victoria Presentation Centre Opens  Urban Village offers many amenities for condo owners, business in downtown Victoria, BC. Over the past 5-8 years, many new construction projects have been built in the Victoria area. Still more are now under construction or have been planned. One project that has captured my interest more than others isContinue reading “Radius Victoria – A True Urban Village”