Disputing Your 2012 BC Assessment Value

It’s the end of the first week of January, and by now you should have received your 2012 BC Assessment notice in the mail, or checked online to see what the provincial assessment authority values your property at. Most people simply open it, read it, and file it away with their other house documents. ItContinue reading “Disputing Your 2012 BC Assessment Value”

My B.C. Assessment Value Went Up – Will My Taxes Increase?

  Ah, January – A time to start anew. Maybe you’ve resolved to save more money, start eating healthier, or take up a new hobby. New Year’s resolutions are one thing many people dread this time of year. Another sure sign of the new year is your yearly B.C. Assessment notice, arriving in your mailboxContinue reading “My B.C. Assessment Value Went Up – Will My Taxes Increase?”

How Will The BC HST Affect Your Home Purchase In Sooke or Victoria?

As of July 1st, 2010, the 5% GST and 7% BC PST will be replaced by a 12% Harmonized Sales Tax. How does this affect buyers of housing in British Columbia? HST will only apply on new housing. Just like today with the GST, HST will not be applicable on previously-occupied, resale houses. I getContinue reading “How Will The BC HST Affect Your Home Purchase In Sooke or Victoria?”

Sooke’s SEAPARC Arena and Pool Expansion/Renovation

We’re lucky in Sooke to have such a nice facility for recreation as the SEAPARC (Sooke and Electoral Area Parks And Recreation Commission) arena and pool. The facility, located on Philips road just off Sooke Road is modern, clean, and a great value. Since moving to Sooke almost 4 years ago, I’ve enjoyed the poolContinue reading “Sooke’s SEAPARC Arena and Pool Expansion/Renovation”

Screw The CRD and Sewage Treatment – Move To Sooke!

Taking a page from Ian Watt, I give my comments (while driving) about the CRD’s sewage treatment plans and about why you should move to Sooke and avoid all this mess! The B.C. Government finally released their highly-anticipated sewage report, which states as expected by the CRD that resource recovery like heat and irrigation waterContinue reading “Screw The CRD and Sewage Treatment – Move To Sooke!”

BC Increases Home Owner Threshold

Grant now available to properties over $1M The Government of British Columbia announced today that it was increasing the threshold for the Home Owner Grant program from $950,000 to $1,050,000, in accordance with its goal to ensure that 95% of homeowners in British Columbia qualify for the basic grant. British Columbia’s 2008 assessment roll, releasedContinue reading “BC Increases Home Owner Threshold”