What is a Strata Duplex – And Why Are They So Great?

I’ve always been a fan of strata duplexes – and I’ve never understood why some people shy away from them. Often, I find the same people who would not buy a duplex would quite readily buy a townhouse, which seems counter-intuitive to me. A strata duplex is a duplex which is registered under the StrataContinue reading “What is a Strata Duplex – And Why Are They So Great?”

Is Sunriver Estates in Sooke a Strata?

This is a question I get all the time from people who are interested in buying a home in Sooke’s popular Sunriver Estates subdivision. The answer is no, Sunriver is not a strata. There are no councils, meetings, minutes, or strata fees. Each detached home in the development is a fee simple title, which isContinue reading “Is Sunriver Estates in Sooke a Strata?”

Strata Mondays #3 – Maintenance Responsibilities

In my continuing series about strata property, Strata Mondays, I answer a different question about condos, townhouses and other strata property in Victoria, Sooke, and British Columbia. Make sure you subscribe via RSS or E-mail to get each new post. Q. Who is responsible for the exterior maintenance of a strata complex (including washing windows)?Continue reading “Strata Mondays #3 – Maintenance Responsibilities”

Strata Mondays #1: Bare Land Stratas

Inspired by my most recent First-Time-Buyer Friday post, I have decided to dedicate a new tag on this blog to covering strata issues. So, without further ado, we have the first weekly, but much less alliterative, Strata Mondays. Q. When searching Realtor.ca the other day, I saw a property listed as a bare land strata.Continue reading “Strata Mondays #1: Bare Land Stratas”

Some Interesting Victoria Condo Statistics

One of the things I like about our real estate market is that it’s small enough that I can be confident selling homes and acreages here in Sooke where I live, and also helping people move to other regions in the Victoria Area. I started selling real estate in Vancouver, and it is much harderContinue reading “Some Interesting Victoria Condo Statistics”