A Return to a Seller’s Market in Greater Victoria?

Yesterday, the Victoria Real Estate Board released statistics for February 2015. While the rest of the country contended with a seemingly never-ending winter, the cherry blossoms were out early in Victoria and vicinity, and so, apparently, were the buyers. 

What Is Your Home Worth?

If you want to start an argument on the Internet, or anywhere else, for that matter, start talking about the pros and cons of owning vs renting your home. It’s guaranteed to get people fired up on either side of the argument. Of course, depending on your level of debate, you might never get invitedContinue reading “What Is Your Home Worth?”

24% Buys A Lot Of Gas

One of the things that attracts people to Sooke is the price of housing. My clients are always amazed at what they can afford in Sooke compared to Victoria, or even just 20 minutes down the road in Langford. But have you ever wondered just how much cheaper homes are out here?

Oh My God, What Have I Done?!

    Sleepless Nights I think it should be a rule that REALTORS® have to complete one real estate transaction of their own every five years at a minimum. This would help put things in perspective and make us better agents. Having just completed a transaction for me and my family, I can certainly relateContinue reading “Oh My God, What Have I Done?!”

What is a Strata Duplex – And Why Are They So Great?

I’ve always been a fan of strata duplexes – and I’ve never understood why some people shy away from them. Often, I find the same people who would not buy a duplex would quite readily buy a townhouse, which seems counter-intuitive to me. A strata duplex is a duplex which is registered under the StrataContinue reading “What is a Strata Duplex – And Why Are They So Great?”

Secondary Suites in Sooke – Input Needed!

The District of Sooke is currently investigating the secondary suites issue, and is looking for feedback from residents about suites. At issue is the potential for legalizing secondary suites (also known as basement suites or apartments) in more zones in the District. Currently, suites are only allowed in dwellings on lots with a certain zoningContinue reading “Secondary Suites in Sooke – Input Needed!”

CRD Agrees To Buy Sandcut Beach, Jordan River, Sooke Potholes Lands from WFP

The Capital Regional District (CRD), along with non-profit The Land Conservancy (TLC) has agreed to buy up more than 2300 hectares (nearly 5700 acres) of land that was slated to go up for sale today. The land, belonging to Western Forest Products (WFP) has been the subject of much controversy in our area since theContinue reading “CRD Agrees To Buy Sandcut Beach, Jordan River, Sooke Potholes Lands from WFP”

Your Home Is Not An ATM!

Something’s been bugging me for a while now, and I’ve been meaning to write about it. You know the commercials on the radio and TV. I probably hear them half a dozen times a day, more if I’m listening to a Canucks broadcast. “Making your home equity work for you…..” “If you own your home,”Continue reading “Your Home Is Not An ATM!”

Lindsay Day – 2 Years Later and Buziak’s Murder Still Unsolved

As long as I write this blog, I’m certain to never forget that two years ago today, February 2nd, is the day that Lindsay Buziak, a 24 year old real estate agent from Victoria, was murdered in the house she was showing to prospective buyers. In the month or so before the anniversary of herContinue reading “Lindsay Day – 2 Years Later and Buziak’s Murder Still Unsolved”