Free Real Estate Seminars

I will be co-hosting a series of real estate seminars on Thursday, June 11th at the Juan de Fuca Library, beside the rec centre on the Island Highway. Joining  me are Alexis Mills, a mortgage broker, and Jeremy Kimm, a financial planner, for three different perspectives about buying and selling real estate. We have twoContinue reading “Free Real Estate Seminars”

Sellers: Don’t Do This!

From my favourite social news site,, I found this: Here’s somebody desperately in need of the marketing services of a REALTOR®. Have a great Sunday everyone! Your comments are welcomed and encouraged. Just use the reply form below! Subscribe via e-mail, your favourite feed reader, or bookmark this post:

Horrible MLS Photo Of The Day #59

May 2nd, 2008 “Fridge Magnet Collection Negotiable” One of the best pieces of advice to give a client when listing a place for sale is to clear away clutter. The last thing you want a buyer to do when touring your house (or viewing the photos on is to spend time admiring (or lamenting)Continue reading “Horrible MLS Photo Of The Day #59”

How to Sell Your Home in Black and White

Now here is somebody who tells it like it is This video is by Daniel Rothamel, a REALTOR® in Charlottesville, Virginia. If there is one thing that I am constantly trying to express to my clients when listing their properties, it’s to try and look at the place from a buyer’s standpoint. This is especiallyContinue reading “How to Sell Your Home in Black and White”