Midweek Humour – Hockey Fail [Video]

We all do what we do because we enjoy it and we’re good at it. Sometimes there are days when even when it seems you can do no wrong – you’ve nailed every phone call, email, sales opportunity or customer service goal; and then, out of nowhere, an instance of FAIL takes over. To illustrate,Continue reading “Midweek Humour – Hockey Fail [Video]”

Hot Weather In Victoria and Sooke – Today’s Forecast [Video]

Happy Friday, everyone! –Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional Your comments are welcomed and encouraged! Just use the form or link below this post. You can bookmark this post using the button below, or subscribe to this blog for free updates using the big buttons on the sidebar!

FSBO Ad Is Racist? Or Just A Big Misunderstanding? [VIDEO]

A little levity for your Thursday. Below is a video from Australia (if you’re reading this via e-mail subscription you’ll have to click through to the post). You couldn’t have written this better for a sitcom. Just goes to show that life is stranger than fiction! Thanks to Matt Collinge, Vancouver REALTOR® for the link.Continue reading “FSBO Ad Is Racist? Or Just A Big Misunderstanding? [VIDEO]”

Poorly Written Spam Email is As Sweet as a Shakespearean Sonnet

photo credit: Simply Portraits Photography Occasionally I read the spam that my Gmail filter catches, just for fun. Today I got a “heartfelt” e-mail that looks like it was translated by a computer from some other language. Good day, gentleman I look for stability in relations. I want to be descent wife, the Friend andContinue reading “Poorly Written Spam Email is As Sweet as a Shakespearean Sonnet”

Sellers: Don’t Do This!

From my favourite social news site, Digg.com, I found this: Here’s somebody desperately in need of the marketing services of a REALTOR®. Have a great Sunday everyone! Your comments are welcomed and encouraged. Just use the reply form below! Subscribe via e-mail, your favourite feed reader, or bookmark this post: