Sooke Disposal Garbage Drop-Off Is Closing

While everyone in Sooke has been arguing about the proposed new carwash and laundromat (which I think is a great idea, by the way), something much more serious is going on with a long-time local business. The Sooke Disposal drop-off yard, located between Edward Milne School and Fred Milne park is closing. As of SeptemberContinue reading “Sooke Disposal Garbage Drop-Off Is Closing”

Garbage and Recycling Collection in Sooke

Part of moving to a new community is learning the little things about your new surroundings. When I moved to Sooke from the Vancouver area 3 and a half years ago, I found myself putting out my garbage can on the curb whenever I saw my neighbours doing so. I’d come home from the officeContinue reading “Garbage and Recycling Collection in Sooke”

Horrible MLS Photo Of The Day #270

November 29th, 2008 This was the only photo on the listing. You don’t have to be Ansel Adams to realize that this shot could have been improved by simply excluding the big green bin from the foreground. The property looks like it needs a bit of cleaning up, but without the bin this listing wouldContinue reading “Horrible MLS Photo Of The Day #270”

Bear Safety in Sooke and on Vancouver Island

It seems that scarcely a day goes by without some news story about an encounter with humans and bears in British Columbia. Fortunately, injuries are rare, but unfortunately, the animals end up the victims, having to be killed in order to protect the public. Last month saw the sensational account of a fisherman from SaltContinue reading “Bear Safety in Sooke and on Vancouver Island”

Horrible MLS Photo Of The Day #173

August 24th, 2008 From a reader in Vancouver, comes this gem from their MLS®. There is so much wrong here I don’t know where to begin. From the GARBAGE on the counter to the tinfoil on the stove, this is easily one of the worst all year! See all the usual suspects here. –Tim AyresContinue reading “Horrible MLS Photo Of The Day #173”