Friday Rant: “NAFTA-gate”

I don’t think this will be a regular feature, as this isn’t a political blog, but everyone’s talking about it, and it’s like nails across the blackboard to me. At issue is the “leaked” memo from Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Office which surfaced recently and its comments about U.S. Presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s plans to re-negotiateContinue reading “Friday Rant: “NAFTA-gate””

BC Home Sales Sheltered From US Market Woes

Hello fellow professionals. More evidence today from the BC Real Estate Association that our market in British Columbia is continuing to thrive despite the implosion in the United States brought on by the sub-prime mortgage issues and economic difficulties. Below is the release. Those of you with blogs or e-mail newsletters, you need to getContinue reading “BC Home Sales Sheltered From US Market Woes”

A Coming of Age for Canada’s Economy?

Is the continued diversion of Canada’s economy from the USA’s a sign that we’ve grown up? Picture two brothers. The older brother is wildly successful, and the younger brother looks up to his senior sibling all his life, often modeling certain parts of his life after his counterpart. The years go on, and younger brotherContinue reading “A Coming of Age for Canada’s Economy?”