Victoria’s Largest Garage Sale: Royal LePage Garage Sale For Shelter [Video]

On May 15, 2010, in support of the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation, Royal LePage REALTORS® across Canada will be holding massive garage sales in their communities. Building on the success of last year’s event, Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty will be holding what we believe is the largest garage sale in Victoria history! With theContinue reading “Victoria’s Largest Garage Sale: Royal LePage Garage Sale For Shelter [Video]”

Horrible MLS Photo Of The Day #290

December 19th, 2008 This awkward shot violates one of my main no-nos in real estate photography, and that is to never shoot a bathroom without a wide angle lens. They’re just not big enough to capture anything useful with a regular lens.  Here the REALTOR® has tried to use the mirror to capture more ofContinue reading “Horrible MLS Photo Of The Day #290”

Just Saying Hi On My Way To Westshore MLS Tour [VIDEO]

It’s been a while since I was on video! I went to the West Shore MLS tour in Colwood and Langford today and just thought I’d say hi to you through the video. I had one of my listings on the tour this week and got to see 10 other really nice places in LangfordContinue reading “Just Saying Hi On My Way To Westshore MLS Tour [VIDEO]”

Think Sucks? It Will Get Better Soon

Since the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) replaced the much-loved with the (so far) much-maligned last month, they’ve had nothing but complaints from everyone who uses it (consumers) and everyone who benefits from it (REALTORS® in Canada). I can understand the domain name switch. Since its inception, has never been all thatContinue reading “Think Sucks? It Will Get Better Soon”

Blogging W-5 Wednesday Part 3 – When?

As one of our real estate board’s most prolific bloggers, and certainly one of the most active bloggers in the region, many people ask me questions about it. In this weekly section, I’m going to answer the W-5 (Who, What, Where, When, and Why) of blogging. I hope you’ll enjoy my commentary. Q: When doContinue reading “Blogging W-5 Wednesday Part 3 – When?”

Politicians Aren’t Professional Enough To Be REALTORS® [Video] –Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional Your comments are welcomed and encouraged! Just use the form or link below this post. You can bookmark this post using the button below, or get free updates using the big buttons on the sidebar!

Microsoft Surface: Imagine the Possibilities

I’ve been meaning to blog about Microsoft’s Surface technology for a while now, but a video from TechCrunch this morning (below) has reminded me how utterly cool this is. The concept was conceived in 2001 and the first prototype was in 2003, so it’s nothing new, but we have yet to see any sort ofContinue reading “Microsoft Surface: Imagine the Possibilities”

On Perks Of The Job

Every job has its perks, here’s one in real estate. One of the true joys in my working life is when I get to work with people I know. As  REALTORS®, we are constantly promoting ourselves and our services, and are honoured to get the business of strangers who like what our marketing materials say.Continue reading “On Perks Of The Job”

Victoria BC Real Estate Board MLS® Statistics – October 2007

I don’t think you’d find a real estate professional in the Victoria area who’d tell you they expected 2007 to outperform 2006. Everyone said the market was plateauing, that we should expect properties to sit on the market for months, and see price reductions left, right and center. The doomsday prophets predicted the credit problemsContinue reading “Victoria BC Real Estate Board MLS® Statistics – October 2007”

Hate Spam? This is How Gmail can Help a REALTOR®

How much time do you spend on spam every day? As the resident geek in the office, I’m constantly asked by my fellow agents: “How can I get rid of all this junk e-mail?!” From shady business propositions to uhh… equipment enhancers, there is no shortage of spam out there. As REALTORS®, we want toContinue reading “Hate Spam? This is How Gmail can Help a REALTOR®”