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Don’t Close On A Friday! [Video]

Below is a video I shot yesterday about why it’s a bad bad bad idea to close your real estate deals (completion date) on a Friday. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but you want to make sure you set the completion date for any weekday besides Friday. This will make your moving experience a lot easier and ensure your REALTOR® keeps his hair a little while longer.

And yes, my camera is wedged in the steering wheel. Bonus fun for you when I turn corners. I should charge admission.

Don’t Close On A Friday! from Tim Ayres – REALTOR® on Vimeo.

Vimeo Link
YouTube Link

Tim Ayres

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  • I love it! The answer to the age old complaint, “I don’t have time to video…”

    Just tape your camera to the steering wheel, hit record, and have a conversation! Brilliant.
    I have to go try that on my bike! (ala Alton Brown)

    Loved it Tim!