Are Sooke’s Seaview Trailer Park Residents Still In Peril?

Sooke Harbour
Sooke Harbour

Since I first posted about the plight of the residents of the Seaview Mobile Home Park in Sooke, I’ve had quite the response from residents of the park and observers of the situation. I even had a comment the other day that was so defamatory that I was afraid to post it and I deleted it. Libel and slander are not why I started a blog.

It’s understandable – this is human drama in the purest form. A disadvantaged group of tenants at the mercy of a landlord. These struggles have gone on for centuries and always cause emotions to run high. I am honoured that the residents are choosing my blog as a forum to express their comments, and I thank the two residents of the park that have taken the time to e-mail me to update the situation.

Ever since I wrote last week about Sooke Council passing the mobile home park resident protection bylaw, I wondered how it would affect Seaview, since they were given the eviction notice before the bylaw was passed. I feared that if the eviction notice was lawful, the residents would be forced to leave.

I got an e-mail yesterday from a resident of the park who informed me that the residents are disputing the eviction on the grounds that it was illegally served. This person further stated that even if the eviction notice is valid, that the landlord will have to relocate or buy up the units at fair market value. It would appear then that the District of Sooke’s new policy will apply to the residents, which is some good news.

I will keep updating as I get more information.

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3 thoughts on “Are Sooke’s Seaview Trailer Park Residents Still In Peril?

  1. Please do not publish this email address as this is not from the government but from me as a private person.

    I live in Seaview Mobile Home Park. We had arbitration on Nov 19 but it was postponed at Mr. Zigay’s reguest. Mr. Zigay asked that it be put off until January but the arbrator said that it would be sometime in December. We all know what Mr. Zigay is trying to do. He is trying to figure out a way to rip the tenants off now that the policy has gone in. Why does he not do the honourable thing and either move the homes or buy them. He has more then enough money.

  2. feb 15
    artical in paper
    says we pay LESS than $300
    hell i want a refund for
    the past three yeaers
    jeff cant do numbers

  3. It was interesting looking at this site since I have been living in a mobile home park which, under the landlord of the past 6 years, is now under threat of closure due to all infrastructure failing rapidly. The stall tactics of the landlord coupled with the skimpy interventions of the government have left us with little hope, and NO answers. We need strengthened laws against these predatory landlords whose strategy is to bleed everything in their path dry. How shameful for the 21st century!

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