The District of Sooke Needs Your Opinion On Secondary Suites

As part of their review of the issue of secondary suites in single-family homes (also known as basement suites, in-law suites, rental suites, etc.), The District of Sooke is forming a Secondary Suites Advisory Committee and needs volunteers from various neighbourhoods in Sooke to come forward to share their views and make recommendations to townContinue reading “The District of Sooke Needs Your Opinion On Secondary Suites”

Secondary Suites in Sooke – Input Needed!

The District of Sooke is currently investigating the secondary suites issue, and is looking for feedback from residents about suites. At issue is the potential for legalizing secondary suites (also known as basement suites or apartments) in more zones in the District. Currently, suites are only allowed in dwellings on lots with a certain zoningContinue reading “Secondary Suites in Sooke – Input Needed!”

First-Time-Buyer Friday #3 – Strata Properties

In my continuing series, First-Time-Buyer Fridays, I answer a common question from a first-time buyer. If you have a question to submit, first-time-buyer or experienced investor, put one in the comments below, or fire me an e-mail at Q. I hear the terms “strata property,” “strata fee,” and “strata council” all the time whenContinue reading “First-Time-Buyer Friday #3 – Strata Properties”

Sooke 2008 Municipal Election Results

First of all, thanks to all Sooke voters who came out to vote this past Saturday, and at advance polls earlier this month. This important vote for your civic leaders should have the highest turnout of all levels of government, but usually doesn’t. According to CivicInfoBC, 43.71% of eligible voters turned out to vote, butContinue reading “Sooke 2008 Municipal Election Results”

Are Sooke’s Seaview Trailer Park Residents Still In Peril?

Since I first posted about the plight of the residents of the Seaview Mobile Home Park in Sooke, I’ve had quite the response from residents of the park and observers of the situation. I even had a comment the other day that was so defamatory that I was afraid to post it and I deletedContinue reading “Are Sooke’s Seaview Trailer Park Residents Still In Peril?”

Sooke’s Seaview Mobile Home Park Protected by Sooke Council

An updated on the situation I posted about last week: Last night, at the Sooke Council Chambers, the owners of the not-so-mobile homes in Sooke’s Seaview Trailer Park breathed a sigh of relief as Sooke Council unanimously passed the proposed policy on mobile home park redevelopments. The policy protects mobile home owners by requiring theContinue reading “Sooke’s Seaview Mobile Home Park Protected by Sooke Council”

Sooke Municipal Election November 15th – Get Involved! [Video]

Sooke and all other B.C. municipalities will be having their elections on November 15th. Low voter turnout is simply not an option! Get involved and find out who’s going to do what for you! It’s vitally important you know what’s going on in your community. –Tim Ayres – Sooke Real Estate Professional Your commentsContinue reading “Sooke Municipal Election November 15th – Get Involved! [Video]”

District of Sooke Launches New Website

Not long after re-directing the old website to a year or so ago, the District of Sooke embarked on a re-design project for the tired-looking (and content-lacking) site. Earlier this month, the newly-designed Sooke District Web Site was launched. The new design looks great, and has an intuitive layout including a search box,Continue reading “District of Sooke Launches New Website”

NOTICE: Don’t Buy This Condo!

One of the most popular forms of property ownership in the marketplace today is strata titled property. To most, this means a condominium unit, townhouse, or 1/2 duplex. Strata property is a way of dividing up one large building (for example, a condominium complex) into individual titles (the units inside the building) so that theyContinue reading “NOTICE: Don’t Buy This Condo!”