Sooke New Listings MLS Tour Summary #2

Due to MLS® advertising rules, I’ve decided that I can’t offer the tour summary any longer. I thought about this all last week, and came to the conclusion it could come across as advertising other agents’ listings, which is not allowed under our Rules of Cooperation. I’d rather stop doing it voluntarily than be toldContinue reading “Sooke New Listings MLS Tour Summary #2”

New Feature: Sooke New Listings MLS Tour Summary #1

One of the advantages of using your local Sooke REALTOR® when it comes time to sell your home is the tight-knit sense of community among local real estate professionals. Every Thursday, the three main real estate offices in Sooke hold our weekly MLS Tour, where each REALTOR® in town tours through all the new MLSContinue reading “New Feature: Sooke New Listings MLS Tour Summary #1”

The Big Rock Show – In Sooke!

Last Saturday night was a real treat for our town. I must admit, I was a little skeptical about a rock concert in our little community. But 70’s and 80’s Canadian rockers Prism put on an energetic show at the Sooke Community Hall. Mark Anderson of KB Productions put the show together in an effortContinue reading “The Big Rock Show – In Sooke!”

Price vs Quality – How Much Does Marketing Influence You?

Wine and Real Estate – Is There A Difference? A recent study that was reported in the Times Colonist this morning suggests that people are highly influenced on their perceptions of quality by the price, which suggests that by simply pricing a particular product higher could influence its target market into perceiving it as higherContinue reading “Price vs Quality – How Much Does Marketing Influence You?”

2007: A Surprising Year for Victoria and Sooke Real Estate

Year-end and December 2007 Statistics Released The Victoria Real Estate Board has released the December 2007 and year-end statistics: Real Estate Records Broken in 2007 The value of all property transactions through the Victoria Real Estate Board’s Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) hit a new record of over $4.1 billion in 2007, up from $3.3 billionContinue reading “2007: A Surprising Year for Victoria and Sooke Real Estate”

On Perks Of The Job

Every job has its perks, here’s one in real estate. One of the true joys in my working life is when I get to work with people I know. As  REALTORS®, we are constantly promoting ourselves and our services, and are honoured to get the business of strangers who like what our marketing materials say.Continue reading “On Perks Of The Job”

Sunriver Estates Releases Townhouse Development

The Pointe is Sunriver’s first phase of townhouses Sooke’s Sunriver Estates, the popular 382-acre planned community just west of Victoria, BC, has just released its first multi-family townhouse development. Called The Pointe, it will be a clustering of 32 units in 8 strata buildings in the tranquil, forested  setting of a 7-acre peninsula surrounded byContinue reading “Sunriver Estates Releases Townhouse Development”

10 Reasons to Move to Sooke, BC

Those that live here know you don’t need a reason, but here are ten for those that still think Sooke is “out there, man!” 1. Lower housing prices: The Sooke market has been undervalued for years, and is still catching up to markets closer to major employers in Victoria and on the naval base atContinue reading “10 Reasons to Move to Sooke, BC”

Sooke’s Sun River Estates Goes Green

As I was browsing the Homes section of the Times Colonist from Saturday, September 15, 2007, I came across a full page ad for Sooke‘s Sun River Estates development. The homes are now being advertised as conforming to the Built Green™ standard of construction. The Built Green™ Web site describes the standard as “… anContinue reading “Sooke’s Sun River Estates Goes Green”