Just Saying Hi On My Way To Westshore MLS Tour [VIDEO]

It’s been a while since I was on video! I went to the West Shore MLS tour in Colwood and Langford today and just thought I’d say hi to you through the video. I had one of my listings on the tour this week and got to see 10 other really nice places in LangfordContinue reading “Just Saying Hi On My Way To Westshore MLS Tour [VIDEO]”

Remembrance Day

Today is Remembrance Day, our day to reflect and remember Canadians that have been lost in armed conflicts around the world and across history. Please take a moment today to sit and think about the way the world could have been without our brave men and women who fought for our freedom and that ofContinue reading “Remembrance Day”

Driftwood Santas and Other Unique Christmas Crafts

And now, for something completely non-real estate related: It’s nearly that time of year again! I am lucky enough to be engaged to a very beautiful and talented woman who loves to draw, paint and craft. She makes these lovely little Santa Claus ornaments out of driftwood and has been selling them at local craftContinue reading “Driftwood Santas and Other Unique Christmas Crafts”

A Fresh Look, A New Direction

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I hope that I’ve gone the right way here in moving from WordPress.com to my own self-hosted WordPress installation. I have ideas and things I want to do with this blog that go beyond what WordPress.com could do for me, including the new theme and layout. Inspired byContinue reading “A Fresh Look, A New Direction”

Casulo – Apartment in a Box!

And you thought IKEA was innovative! It seems the Germans are giving the Swedes a run for their money on this one. Casulo, which is Portuguese for cocoon, describes perfectly this prototype product. The box transforms into an armoire, desk with drawers, desk chair, 2 more seats, six shelf bookcase, and a bed and mattress.Continue reading “Casulo – Apartment in a Box!”

Price vs Quality – How Much Does Marketing Influence You?

Wine and Real Estate – Is There A Difference? A recent study that was reported in the Times Colonist this morning suggests that people are highly influenced on their perceptions of quality by the price, which suggests that by simply pricing a particular product higher could influence its target market into perceiving it as higherContinue reading “Price vs Quality – How Much Does Marketing Influence You?”