Sociable! Book Launch in Victoria, BC

This Thursday, April 29th, 2010, Vancouver-based entrepreneur Stephen Jagger and professional sales trainer Shane Gibson will be at the Downtown Victoria Chapters store to launch their new book, Sociable! How Social Media is Turning Sales and Marketing Upside-Down. The event starts at 5:30 with a networking opportunity for social-media-curious businesspeople, and then a presentation fromContinue reading “Sociable! Book Launch in Victoria, BC”

Is The Election Campaign All About Branding and Buzzwords? [Video]

As a REALTOR®, I’m always taking notice of how other businesses market and brand themselves. I get inspiration for ideas from other people and businesses all the time. One thing I’ve noticed is that politicians in our current Federal election campaign have been all about branding and marketing their campaigns, rather than telling us whatContinue reading “Is The Election Campaign All About Branding and Buzzwords? [Video]”

Reset The Days On Market With A New Listing Contract: Deceptive? [Video]

An issue that comes up every now and again is the practice of certain real estate agents cancelling a listing that has been on the market for a while and re-listing it right away. The result is a new MLS® number (they are sequential), and a days on market count set to zero, making theContinue reading “Reset The Days On Market With A New Listing Contract: Deceptive? [Video]”

Sooke Road FSBO (For Sale By Owner) Needs a Reality Check

In this time of change in the real estate market, the marketing services of a professional REALTOR® are more important than ever. Why would a potential buyer look at your home that you’re selling yourself when he or she can see 15 similar homes in the same neighbourhood with the help and guidance of aContinue reading “Sooke Road FSBO (For Sale By Owner) Needs a Reality Check”

Truth In Advertising

As REALTORS®, we are tasked with both the sales and marketing aspects of moving properties. Members of the public at large are protected by legislation and professional ethics codes designed to keep our advertising truthful and accurate. We are not allowed to misrepresent a property we have listed for sale. I was reading the UbertorContinue reading “Truth In Advertising”

Price vs Quality – How Much Does Marketing Influence You?

Wine and Real Estate – Is There A Difference? A recent study that was reported in the Times Colonist this morning suggests that people are highly influenced on their perceptions of quality by the price, which suggests that by simply pricing a particular product higher could influence its target market into perceiving it as higherContinue reading “Price vs Quality – How Much Does Marketing Influence You?”

What’s in a URL? Domain Names for Dummies

Everyone in real estate has a website these days. Or at least, they should. In today’s world, they are crucial prospecting and marketing tools for both existing customers and potential new clients. But why waste all your time and/or money in designing a beautiful, content-rich site when no one will remember it? Because our businessContinue reading “What’s in a URL? Domain Names for Dummies”

Royal LePage TV Launches – Canadian Real Estate 2.0

Free online videos offer buying and selling tips, staging advice, and more. Canada’s premier source for real estate information, Royal LePage, has launched a brand new website,, where you can view a series of informative videos on how to sell or how to buy real estate. Specifically, the videos point out how the useContinue reading “Royal LePage TV Launches – Canadian Real Estate 2.0”

Victoria’s Creative Sign Design Is On The Move

Rose Glen of Creative sign design sent out an e-mail today informing us all of the long-anticipated move to their new digs. Rose notes that after 14 years in business at 630 Bay Street, the business is quite literally bursting at the seams of the present location (and has been for some time). Besides beingContinue reading “Victoria’s Creative Sign Design Is On The Move”

Web 2.0: The Future Of Real Estate

Of course we all know that the Internet revolutionized real estate. Well, the Internet has evolved. Have you? I would say that most agents in our local area have a Web site. Most recognize it as a marketing tool: a way to get their listing information out there and – if they have the functionalityContinue reading “Web 2.0: The Future Of Real Estate”