Life In Sooke #1 – Storms (And Storm Watching!)

Welcome to a new series on the 642Blog, Life in Sooke. The idea for the series came to me as I was out for a run the other day – I thought it would be fun to carry my video camera a little more often and shoot video of Sooke and the surrounding area toContinue reading “Life In Sooke #1 – Storms (And Storm Watching!)”

A Day Trip To Port Renfrew

Last Saturday, we took a day trip with another couple up to Port Renfrew. About a 45 minute drive from Sooke, Port Renfrew is a beautiful little spot, and is basically the “last stop” on the highway along this part of the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Well known for halibut and salmon fishing, asContinue reading “A Day Trip To Port Renfrew”