Life In Sooke #1 – Storms (And Storm Watching!)

Welcome to a new series on the 642Blog, Life in Sooke. The idea for the series came to me as I was out for a run the other day – I thought it would be fun to carry my video camera a little more often and shoot video of Sooke and the surrounding area toContinue reading “Life In Sooke #1 – Storms (And Storm Watching!)”

The Wind Arrives In Sooke

Last night, as I was lying in bed, the wind came up and buffeted the coast all night. It’s a sure sign that fall is upon us and winter is on the way. Having always lived in coastal areas, I thought I knew what wind storms were all about. I was wrong. Since moving toContinue reading “The Wind Arrives In Sooke”

Sooke House Insurance Higher Because Of Wind and Snow!?

This via Twitter and the Kids In Victoria Forums. Everyone needs house insurance whether you own or rent. Typically, when you move, you notify your current insurer of the move and they will ask you questions about the house – age, size, heat source, etc. Your real estate professional can also send over a spec sheetContinue reading “Sooke House Insurance Higher Because Of Wind and Snow!?”