The Whiffin Spit Christmas Tree – A West Coast Christmas Tradition

When I first came to Sooke to look at the house I eventually bought, I took a walk out Whiffin Spit. I knew nothing about the community that would become my home and my chosen place to start a family. I didn’t even know what Whiffin Spit was, I was just driving around exploring andContinue reading “The Whiffin Spit Christmas Tree – A West Coast Christmas Tradition”

Fall Photo Walk Along The Sooke Harbour Boardwalk

As I watched the sun rising over the back fence and into my home office, I was reminded why I love this season so much.  The crisp, cool air, a bright blue sky, and the golden hue of the morning sun on the colourful autumn leaves prompted me to bundle up and shoot a fewContinue reading “Fall Photo Walk Along The Sooke Harbour Boardwalk”

A Day Trip To Port Renfrew

Last Saturday, we took a day trip with another couple up to Port Renfrew. About a 45 minute drive from Sooke, Port Renfrew is a beautiful little spot, and is basically the “last stop” on the highway along this part of the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Well known for halibut and salmon fishing, asContinue reading “A Day Trip To Port Renfrew”

Spotted in Sooke: New Definition of Mobile Home

I was driving home to Sooke last week when I saw this on the side of the road, just at the top of the Sooke-a-hala (the double lanes through Metchosin): Although it’s quite common, I’d never actually seen a house being moved before. A popular solution to affordable housing, people will often buy a lotContinue reading “Spotted in Sooke: New Definition of Mobile Home”

District of Sooke Launches New Website

Not long after re-directing the old website to a year or so ago, the District of Sooke embarked on a re-design project for the tired-looking (and content-lacking) site. Earlier this month, the newly-designed Sooke District Web Site was launched. The new design looks great, and has an intuitive layout including a search box,Continue reading “District of Sooke Launches New Website”