What’s in a URL? Domain Names for Dummies

Everyone in real estate has a website these days. Or at least, they should. In today’s world, they are crucial prospecting and marketing tools for both existing customers and potential new clients. But why waste all your time and/or money in designing a beautiful, content-rich site when no one will remember it? Because our businessContinue reading “What’s in a URL? Domain Names for Dummies”

Hate Spam? This is How Gmail can Help a REALTOR®

How much time do you spend on spam every day? As the resident geek in the office, I’m constantly asked by my fellow agents: “How can I get rid of all this junk e-mail?!” From shady business propositions to uhh… equipment enhancers, there is no shortage of spam out there. As REALTORS®, we want toContinue reading “Hate Spam? This is How Gmail can Help a REALTOR®”

The Best Gets Better: Gmail and IMAP

Google’s popular web-based e-mail app gets an upgrade. The geeks have been calling for it quite literally since Gmail’s inception a few years ago. Yahoo! Mail already offers it. Now IMAP is finally here. What is so exciting? Well, anyone who has been using Gmail as their primary e-mail account (like me!) and accesses itContinue reading “The Best Gets Better: Gmail and IMAP”

Lessons Learned From A Near Disaster

When’s the last time you backed up your data? As most of you readers know, I’m pretty good with computers. I’ve built a few and it’s no big deal to be to swap out components, install new equipment or repair something that’s not right. Saturday I went to my computer to check e-mail, and itContinue reading “Lessons Learned From A Near Disaster”

What is Web 2.0? [VIDEO]

Furthering our discussion on Web 2.0, this short video helps explain a little more as to what the buzz-word is all about. Some of this may seem abstract, and the end of the video relates more to software and application developers, but the basic concept is good, and this video gives you a good ideaContinue reading “What is Web 2.0? [VIDEO]”

My Favourite Real Estate Tools and Tech – Part 1

I am a child of the electronic age. I had an Atari, and then a Nintendo (the ORIGINAL one). I even had a Commodore VIC 20. I loved science kits growing up. I Had a microscope, walkie-talkies, and my parents had to keep a supply of old junky telephones, etc. in the house so IContinue reading “My Favourite Real Estate Tools and Tech – Part 1”