First-Time Buyer Fridays! – New Feature on the 642Blog

Welcome to the first edition of First-time Buyer Friday! In this new section of the blog, I’ll chat about a different topic each week that is specifically important to first time buyers in the Victoria and Sooke marketplace. I’ve been working with a lot of first-time buyers lately, so I am getting a lot ofContinue reading “First-Time Buyer Fridays! – New Feature on the 642Blog”

The Crisis Of Credit Visualized

Below is an excellent video (RSS and e-mail Readers may need to click through to view it) outlining how the global economic downturn got started with the credit crisis in the U.S. If you’ve heard the term sub-prime and aren’t exactly sure what that’s all about, this video does a great job explaining it. BearContinue reading “The Crisis Of Credit Visualized”

Sooke Road FSBO (For Sale By Owner) Needs a Reality Check

In this time of change in the real estate market, the marketing services of a professional REALTOR® are more important than ever. Why would a potential buyer look at your home that you’re selling yourself when he or she can see 15 similar homes in the same neighbourhood with the help and guidance of aContinue reading “Sooke Road FSBO (For Sale By Owner) Needs a Reality Check”

Don’t Close On A Friday! [Video]

Below is a video I shot yesterday about why it’s a bad bad bad idea to close your real estate deals (completion date) on a Friday. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but you want to make sure you set the completion date for any weekday besides Friday. This will make your moving experience a lot easier andContinue reading “Don’t Close On A Friday! [Video]”

Horrible MLS Photo Of The Day #59

May 2nd, 2008 “Fridge Magnet Collection Negotiable” One of the best pieces of advice to give a client when listing a place for sale is to clear away clutter. The last thing you want a buyer to do when touring your house (or viewing the photos on is to spend time admiring (or lamenting)Continue reading “Horrible MLS Photo Of The Day #59”

NOTICE: Don’t Buy This Condo!

One of the most popular forms of property ownership in the marketplace today is strata titled property. To most, this means a condominium unit, townhouse, or 1/2 duplex. Strata property is a way of dividing up one large building (for example, a condominium complex) into individual titles (the units inside the building) so that theyContinue reading “NOTICE: Don’t Buy This Condo!”

First-Time Home Buyer’s Seminar

West Shore Professionals Hosting Free Event Tuesday, January 29th, 2008 at 6:00 P.M. Exclusive first-time buyer’s seminar. Hosted by three of the West Shore’s best and brightest professionals, this informative presentation will enlighten you on the process of buying your first home, and lay out options to make your home ownership dreams a reality! YourContinue reading “First-Time Home Buyer’s Seminar”

Decorating Tips

In the sea of media out there about decorating and re-decorating, designing, construction and destruction, everyone in a household has their own opinion. Here’s how to avoid trouble: Stick with your redecorating vision If you have a clear concept, bolt the door to outside opinions Lynda Reeves, Times Colonist Saturday, August 25, 2007 Design byContinue reading “Decorating Tips”

More On The Origin of Real Estate

Hello all, I recently had a visitor to my blog comment on a recent Real Estate 101 post. The visitor chatted with me through the Meebo chat widget to your right and mentioned that my definition was a little narrow. For a broader definition and more information on the term, visit or ThanksContinue reading “More On The Origin of Real Estate”

Real Estate 101

Hello everyone! This is a new section of the blog I like to call Real Estate 101. In these blog posts, I will answer common questions I get from buyers and sellers, for all to learn from. As your local Sooke and West Shore real estate expert, I am happy to answer any questions youContinue reading “Real Estate 101”