Sellers: Don’t Do This!

From my favourite social news site,, I found this: Here’s somebody desperately in need of the marketing services of a REALTOR®. Have a great Sunday everyone! Your comments are welcomed and encouraged. Just use the reply form below! Subscribe via e-mail, your favourite feed reader, or bookmark this post:

Real Estate Porn

It’s no secret that sex sells, so it’s not surprising there’s a growing trend in the real estate industry to use it to sell properties. Below is a video from Fox News in Los Angeles. A high-end apartment complex is using a very unique tactic to lure potential tenants to this funky, new, upscale development.Continue reading “Real Estate Porn”

Casulo – Apartment in a Box!

And you thought IKEA was innovative! It seems the Germans are giving the Swedes a run for their money on this one. Casulo, which is Portuguese for cocoon, describes perfectly this prototype product. The box transforms into an armoire, desk with drawers, desk chair, 2 more seats, six shelf bookcase, and a bed and mattress.Continue reading “Casulo – Apartment in a Box!”

The Big Rock Show – In Sooke!

Last Saturday night was a real treat for our town. I must admit, I was a little skeptical about a rock concert in our little community. But 70’s and 80’s Canadian rockers Prism put on an energetic show at the Sooke Community Hall. Mark Anderson of KB Productions put the show together in an effortContinue reading “The Big Rock Show – In Sooke!”

What Does a Winter Hike Look Like in Victoria, BC?

Like This: This past Sunday, some friends and I got together for a hike up Mount Finlayson, in Goldstream Provincial Park. In what seemed like the first sunny day in months, all were anxious to get outside and enjoy one of the best reasons to live in this part of the country. The temperature wasContinue reading “What Does a Winter Hike Look Like in Victoria, BC?”

On Perks Of The Job

Every job has its perks, here’s one in real estate. One of the true joys in my working life is when I get to work with people I know. As  REALTORS®, we are constantly promoting ourselves and our services, and are honoured to get the business of strangers who like what our marketing materials say.Continue reading “On Perks Of The Job”